A summer lounge

A summer lounge

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The feeling of cold can be achieved by decorative solutions. Our eyes capture colors and textures, which are sent to the brain in the company of messages such as "how cool" or "here the temperature is less suffocating." One of the main responsible for that perception is the color blue. In walls, curtains, furniture or accessories, any shade of this color range is immediately associated with water - seas, pools, lakes, ice ... - so that its simple vision drives us to evoke the cold. But it is not necessary to decorate the entire environment exclusively in blue. In brush strokes, and combined with the color white, it forms an infallible duo that lowers the temperature of any room a few degrees.

Removable accessories. They are those that are used in the summer to enhance freshness, and when they arrive in autumn they are stored in a small space. Shells - they remain spectacular in a transparent wide mouth bottle, on a bed of sand -, or still lifes made with boulders, whether natural or decorated with Chalk Paint chalk paint in white, turquoise and pink tones, will achieve an atmosphere that evokes the sea.

Advertising - Keep reading under White and blue cushions

The couch. Replacing a winter model with a summer design is too complex. But, if in the hot seasons you cover it with a white cover, it will have a new appearance. In the image above these lines, sofas from the collection
Flat, by Gandía Blasco. On them, cushions in white and blue, by Guáimaro.
The carpet. Easy to roll, it can be stored in the storage room or sent to the dry cleaners until the autumn. Natural fiber designs are excellent substitutes. The one in this room is the model Tjäreby, from Ikea; in 240 x 170 cm (€ 199).

Glass vases

Blue, in any of its versions, is a cold color. Pastel, aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli, neon, indigo ... reduce the temperature of the environment in which they are. If you also use it in pieces of glass, the feeling of freshness is multiplied. Vases, from Guáimaro.

White painted pallet

If crafts and DIY are your thing, go ahead and leave your imprint in the living room. A white painted pallet can be a refreshing coffee table. And a knitted cover with trapillo or summer wool, will change the appearance of poufs and stools. This one is from Gandía Blasco, just like the table Docks.

Vases with wide mouth

Fresh flowers and plants, in water. The transparent vases, which reveal the submerged stems, add a feeling of freshness. In this case, algae were introduced; You will find them in La Mar de Algas. Vases with wide mouth, from Ikea.

A refreshing plaid

Leave a light blanket in sight. To give more prominence, look for a color that contrasts with the upholstery of the sofa: blue, anise, fuchsia ... Plaid, by Guáimaro. Armchair, from the collection Textile, by Gandía Blasco.

Nest tables

Table. In blue, white or yellow, it will help to give a fresh touch to the environment. Below, nest tables, auxiliary or as a center model (€ 99.99 / 3), by Maisons du Monde.

Stoneware Vase

Vases. The earthenware in vivid tones are ideal for summer. Place felt protectors on the base so they don't scratch the table. Stoneware vase, from Habitat; in 15 x 24 cm (€ 26.50).

Flowered cushion in blue

The trick is to change only the case. Refreshing are made of canvas, linen or cotton, with stripes or flowers. Cushion (€ 25.95), from El Corte Inglés.


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