Before and after: from an old driving school to a modern flat

Before and after: from an old driving school to a modern flat

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Home Staging Penthouse

Located in the Asturian municipality of Pola de Siero, this old lifelong driving school has been reinvented to make way for a beautiful home.

The Home Staging project, carried out by the Attic Home Staging team, and the reform, at the hands of Carlos Botas, opted to throw the partition that would separate the future kitchen and living room, and thus take advantage of all the light that enters through the living room windows. In this way, an open and practical concept was conceived.

Related content Before and after: a rental apartment in Oviedo The house is located on the first floor and has 83 m2 built. Home Staging Penthouse TV cabinet, from Conforama. Home Staging Penthouse The carpets in the living room are Leroy Merlin; and the sofa was acquired in IXIA REGAL. Home Staging Penthouse The blue auxiliary furniture, located under the illustration of a whale, was purchased at IXIA REGAL. Home Staging Penthouse

The original distribution had two tiny bathrooms, a room, and a warehouse. The latter became two bedrooms, and the bathrooms were transformed into a single more comfortable and spacious space, with shower.

As the budget was quite small, the decoration was low cost, but in conjunction with the new distribution, the windows, the floor, and the paint layer, the result was magical. Do not miss it!

Related content An apartment renovated with recycled materials Dining table and chairs, IXIA REGAL. Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse The open-plan kitchen was decorated with white cabinets and appliances, as was the subway tile dashboard. So that it was not very bland, the contrast was marked with the stone countertop and the pasilla carpet at the foot. Home Staging Penthouse The kitchen is located at the entrance of the floor. Its simple design in the same range of targets as the walls, does not clash with the rest of the environments. Home Staging Penthouse In a corner next to the partition, a small hall was created using a stool and a coat rack on a carpet as a base. Home Staging Penthouse The master bedroom, with Casa Shops bedside tables, and Zara Home and Mi Casa cushions, was raised in a range of neutral tones. Highlights the beige headboard printed with white ferns, and the style rug boho. Home Staging Penthouse The blinds follow the same color line as the rest of the textiles. Home Staging Penthouse The second bedroom was dressed with an IKEA trundle bed, and a RIGGA model coat rack from the same firm. The cushions, in beige and mustard tones, to match the chair. Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse The staircase and the small tree next to the bed add a touch of freshness to the style of the bedroom. Home Staging Penthouse The bathroom gained an unparalleled luminosity just by adding laminate flooring. To create a style point, a basket was chosen to place the towels. Home Staging Penthouse The shower tray allows you to take advantage of the small space to conceive a very functional bathroom. Home Staging Penthouse

The photos from before are not wasted, hallucinates

Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse Home Staging Penthouse