30 ideas to open the kitchen to the living room

30 ideas to open the kitchen to the living room

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It is the moment of open-space, of open and integrated spaces. And do not be afraid, throwing a partition - or two - of your home sure it costs less than reforming the entire kitchen and give your house a totally new look.

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We have selected 30 open kitchens and attached to the dining room. And all beautiful, choose your style. We give you the keys to how to integrate the kitchen into the living room without losing style.


To integrate this open kitchen, the same materials and colors were used in their furniture as in the decoration of the dining room (the type of wood of the chairs coincides with that used in the bar, the steel of the bell with that of the lamp, the black tiles with photography ...).

Create a space

In this loft, the kitchen is open to the living room, although the distribution of its furniture and the presence of a pillar helped to define its own space on the large lower floor of the house.

With dining room

In this case, a dining table was used to delimit the kitchen area and as a transit to the rest of the living area.

Stoves in the center

In this Brooklyn house, the cooking plate was placed on the island, with an industrial-style bell.

In angle

In this kitchen, the peninsula was designed with an angle to collect more space.

Assured success

Seen brick, metal and wood: the keys to the success of this open kitchen style.

Soil change

If you want to delimit the kitchen and keep the concept open, using two types of soil is the solution.

In a wall

Condense your entire kitchen along a wall and establish it as a passage area.

Dividing seat

Why not use a bench with a high backrest to delimit the kitchen area while keeping the concept open?

In black

In addition to being a trend, if you opt for black kitchen cabinets you will hide its function, resulting in an open and elegant space.

Nuclear target

White has managed to expand the light in this triplex of Palma de Mallorca and camouflage the open kitchen.


An old wooden and brass table serves as an island for this open kitchen in an industrial style.

Invasive spaces

Don't just open the kitchen to the rest of the house, let your cabinets invade other areas to get a very fluid result.

Transparence law

In this kitchen, the walls that separated it from the living room were demolished and a large window was placed in the place of one of them.


By using white furniture and without handles, this kitchen integrates perfectly with the wall.

Open minded

Not only is the kitchen open to the living room, but in this 45m2 apartment, all rooms share the same space.

Two in one

In this kitchen, a part of the countertop has been used as a bar for informal meals.


By tearing down the wall that separated this kitchen from the rest of the house, not only was it possible to visually expand the space, but also to make natural light reach it.


The cabinets of this kitchen were painted the same color as the wall to camouflage them.

Ups and downs

This kitchen is semi-open to the rest of the house. Its owner placed high furniture in some areas and low in others, with bar area to eat.

Do a lot with little

In this 32m2 apartment, a square space was used to place a U-shaped kitchen open to the rest of the house.

Hall effect

Thanks to a front of low cabinets, this kitchen is perfectly delimited while it opens to the living room. Yes, you can have everything.

Repeat the successes

The repetition of coatings and finishes in the kitchen, dining room and living area was vital when it came to achieving visual coherence.

Open. but independent

Sometimes the floor of a house means that, although we remove the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, both spaces maintain some independence.


In this duplex, the staircase has been used to separate the kitchen while keeping the concept open.


Using the same material for the front of the kitchen and for the island (in this case, white marble), it is possible to unify spaces.

On the way

To have an open kitchen, it is not always necessary to tear down a wall. In this, the wall that separated it from the corridor was thrown and large openings were made to connect it to the living room.

Middle term

If you don't have total security to open the kitchen, but you want an open concept, stay in the middle of the road: a wall. As they did in this Meritxell Ribé-The Room Studio project.

Scope of view

In small flats, like the one in the image, opening the kitchen to the rest of the house can be a radical change: better connected spaces, a feeling of greater amplitude, more natural light ...


In this house, the iron pillar and a bar were used to delimit the kitchen and living room space, keeping the concept open.