If the colors spoke, they would declare their love for this house

If the colors spoke, they would declare their love for this house

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Racheal Jackson

When Racheal Jackson met this beautiful country house Built in the 1950s in Vancouver, it was not with a view to acquiring it (much less). The interior designer had been hired by her owners to renovate the house, but, as is often the case in love stories, during the process she fell as a result of her enormous possibilities ...

Some time later, still obscured by the natural light of the house and the large outdoor garden, Racheal and her husband Garrett decided to sell their old house and move here with their three children.

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Before becoming the paradise of creativity, the spaces of the house were decorated in a palette of neutral tones, with white tiles and cabinets, and gray walls.

But one day, Racheal let the elf of the artist inside him come out, and He began to bring the environment to life by using shapes and colors. The result? A house that inspires creativity and keeps the imagination active, something extremely necessary in an environment shared with children.

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Although most of the murals and decoration were created personally by Racheal, many others received the unmistakable touch of Garrett, an artist by nature.

To conceive the kitchen wall, for example, Racheal gave her husband a sheet of paper, letting her draw freely. Then, the interior designer transferred the drawing to the wall and painted it. It's that simple ... and that complicated!

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Among all the house murals, The bathroom is probably your favorite. "It's a surprising touch of color! I love to see how just decorating a small section, you can change the atmosphere of a room."

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Unlike the rainbow in the living room, the bedroom mural took longer to work. Racheal focused on creating an environment of organic air using an olive green color as a background, on which he painted a fine white line that borders the headboard and is strategically located at the same height as the cushions.

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The children's room It is the only space where color does not act as the protagonist, and Racheal built an amazing wooden house in the style of "tree house". Beautiful, right?

Racheal Jackson