10 cooler bedrooms than a strawberry smoothie

10 cooler bedrooms than a strawberry smoothie

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Like his parents, the kids also want to show off their bedroom ... every season! Or at least refresh the environment as soon as temperatures begin to rise. And for that, nothing like adopting a tropical style!

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Mustard, coral, mint ... With these tones you will feel the energy without lack of cookies!

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Let the butterflies hover over this beautiful duvet cover!

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In the jungle

A very cool jungle ... because it is full of mint colors!

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This duvet cover with fruit print is ideal for opening the healthiest appetite.

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To the mountain

With a wall like this, you will feel the freshness of the mountain permanently!

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In a tropical environment you can not miss pineapples or palm trees!

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Mix & Match

In case it was not yet clear that we are fans of mint and mustard ...

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Who would not like to sleep in a wrought iron bed in pastel colors?

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The orange juice is over, with this bedroom you will wake up every day full of vitamins!

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You can now drop the anchor, lest it sail offshore!

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