Cabinets inside and out Style and functionality!

Cabinets inside and out Style and functionality!

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If you are going to change the cabinets, you should know all the design, materials and distribution options, before deciding. If you do, you will not make mistakes and Your closet will have a double value, as a decorative element of the first order, for its impeccable aesthetics, and as a personalized storage area, adapted to your needs.

The first step will be to study the bedroom and its real possibilities. Sometimes, a wider change in the room may be necessary. Designing a new space is always a good idea when the closet has fallen short and you need to expand it.

The starting point: change the distribution. Moving the bed or placing it in another place can mean winning 50-100 cm of closet, something not negligible if you think it is a piece of furniture that reaches two or more meters high; in other cases it is possible to win a closet closet, in which you can enter, or a mini dressing room. Moving the entrance door or the radiator are also key changes, as well as eliminating even the false ceiling.

If you are going to order the custom wardrobe, find out about the space required by jackets, coats, shirts, pants ... in this Photo galleryWe give you measures and key ideas. And if you keep the model you already have or opt for a new standard, do not hesitate to make changes to suit you. As for design, choose doors and materials consistent with the rest of the decoration or in stark contrast, if you are looking to focus attention on that area. Finally, study what opening of the door you find most comfortable and what type of lighting is optimal so that when you open it you will find immediately what you are looking for.

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When you don't see the closets from the bed, the perspective changes completely; The environment clears. A custom made headboard divides the space of this bedroom into two areas: rest and dressing room, with wall to wall cabinets. It is an ideal option when there are not enough meters for an independent dressing room, but the floor is elongated, or when you want to orient the bed towards a large window.
Project carried out by the Johannes Kiefer study.

Cabinets with special color

The dark turquoise doors make the closet a focal point of the decoration. And with its structure in marked contrast acquires a more sophisticated, even avant-garde air.
From Ikea: closet Pax with doors Fardal, in 1 x 0.60 x 2.36 m, with shelf, bar and removable baskets (€ 301), mirror (€ 19.99) and armchair (€ 149).

On two fronts

The closets of this bedroom form an open L to the rest area. An accurate distribution in rooms with a rectangular floor plan, provided that the bed can be moved to the side as much as possible, without being cornered. The blank front becomes a surface that propagates natural light. A success, the warmth provided by a carpet of long hair.
Reform, of the Suspensivo Punto Study.

Mini chest of drawers

Inside the closet or on the dresser ... Avoid chaos with mini drawers. Model Ordna, from Ikea; It measures 52 x 33 x 26 cm (€ 9.99).

Separated from the bedroom

Do you want an independent dressing room, but do not know the space you need? Take note: the hanging clothes require a bottom of about 55 cm and to circulate, about 65 cm of passage are recommended. Here the system was installed Algot from Ikea, at 1.90 x 0.40 x 1.96 m (€ 156.55). Enter the
Web of this signature to see more options.

Shoes in order

Footwear is not always placed down. A vertical module can be reserved, where the shoes of another season are placed above and those of more use, at a comfortable height. In this case, several pairs are arranged on inclined shelves, and in a space of about 50 cm high a bar with several hangers with a clamp is fixed to hang the boots and prevent marks from forming. At Metropolitan Closet Company you can order a dressing room with accessories and multi-purpose brackets
As practical as these hangers.

Sit in the dressing room

You have a dressing room but you don't have an armchair. Try a seat that barely takes up space, like the footstool Iceberg, by Maisons du Monde, with capitoné upholstery (€ 99.99).

In a few meters

Organized in L and with access through sliding doors, it is a Cisa dressing room, covered in beech combined with glass, a material that lightens the whole. A success in closet interiors: that the thickness of the vertical sides and shelves be the same.

In white

The structure of the dressing room can be colored or in wood. The most common shade is white, but other clear ranges, bone, ivory, vanilla ... are also perfect. Shades and dark woods are often used in male dressing rooms.

If you need more space ...

Piece of furniture Besta, from Ikea, where there is a lot of folded clothes, also bags and accessories; It measures 1.20 x 0.40 x 0.74 m (€ 180).

With surprise inside

White on the outside and plum on the inside. It is ideal! Cabinet Savior, from Maisons du Monde, it is made of mango wood with patina vintage; It measures 1.08 x 0.40 x 1.79 m (€ 749.90).

Your order, in boxes that decorate

Store scarves, gloves and other accessories in chic boxes. Model Iznik, Zara Home (€ 9.99 and € 12.99).


The doors reach the ceiling, but their visual weight is reduced with the glass; a material that also harmonizes with wood. You can also combine glass panels above with lacquer or wood below; or leave the glass in the center, framed between blind quarters.
A similar closet, tailored and with translucent fronts, can be ordered in Balda.

3D effect

In this design, the front of the sliding doors is lined with tempered and enameled glass panels, separated by aluminum slats. Its wavy drawing, with 3D optical effect, creates a beautiful play of light and shadow.
Closet Pax, from Ikea; with doors, interior distribution and 1.50 x 0.66 x 2.36 m (€ 920.99); with another distribution (from € 547).

A duo that favors

Choose mirror to cover any of the doors. You will look full-bodied before leaving home, but also for these two reasons: the moon multiplies the natural light and gives depth to the space; It makes it wider.
Collection closet Danube, of Maisons du Monde; in solid French oak and oak veneer, and measures 1.20 x 0.55 x 2 m (€ 1,099).

Open and close

If you plan to make a dressing room in the child's room, think of a distribution that suits your growth. Bars and shelves adjustable in height, resistant materials ... In this case, a closet protects the most delicate clothes from dust. When it grows, it will be enough to change the curtain curtain of the door for a more youthful fabric.

In corner

Clothing, accessories, footwear, sports equipment, books ... Children and young people also need a large storage area. The solution in this bedroom: a corner cabinet in L with a plus: a shelf without a back is fixed to one of its sides, with a design that does not recharge the space.
Youth program Niko, from Kibuc.

Your favorite coat rack

Place the coat rack at your height, to make it easy for you. This way he will acquire the habit of ordering his things. From Bloomingville (€ 11 / two).

With vinyl

In white lacquer, with sliding and smooth door ... Get out of the rest and personalize your wardrobe with decorative vinyl. Here it was decided to decorate only the chest of drawers with racing cars, but in doors, the vinyl gives a new air to the closet.
Vinilos, from (€ 21/5).

High, wall to wall

In this bedroom, just by separating the bed from the wall a few centimeters, storage areas have been gained. Below, a custom headboard with space inside is topped with an envelope, which is used as a shelf-bookcase. Upstairs, cabinets suspended with the same bottom of the headboard, so that they are not on the bed, are practical.
Interior designer, Mario Ramos.

With little background

If the closet shoemaker has become small, even after getting rid of some pairs, there are auxiliary furniture that take up little space and are very decorative. The Charlston model, which measures 0.80 x 0.31 x 1.20 m, is perfect for passageways and hallways. In (525 €).

Order in boxes

Several stacked or staggered boxes take advantage of any corner. Here they were placed under a console and complement each other well. Remember to put on the bottoms what is hardly used, so as not to move them without need.
Boxes, similar in Vinçon and Casa Viva.

My multipurpose design

An auxiliary shelf with ad hoc boxes, for
Let nothing be seen. Model Kallax / Drona, from Ikea; It measures 77 x 39 x 89 cm (€ 60.93).


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