Beatriz Anelo, of BIANCA WEDDINGS

Beatriz Anelo, of BIANCA WEDDINGS

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Julia Rivas Architect and communicator, Beatriz left her profession to train and create her own company wedding & event planner: Bianca Weddings. These are the keys to your success. Julia Rivas Be inspired by the flirtatious ideas that Beatriz has organized for us at this children's party. To start, the little hostess receives her guests with natural juices. Once the last little friend has arrived, it will be time to go to the table. Julia Rivas The beautiful hostess of these pages wears a dress in georgette and pink capita nudeBy By Niné Cups Oxford and the dishes Spinwash They are from El Corte Inglés. Bianca Weddings has designed stationery, minutes and stamped site cards. Julia Rivas Beatriz encourages the present full of color and joy thanks to the combination of plants, flowers and fruits. A good idea is to signal the stalls and leave a cheerful card with the snack menu on each plate so that the little ones know firsthand what about food. It is important to talk with families beforehand to find out if any children have food allergies. Julia Rivas What if we move the sweetest moment to the ground? No tables or chairs. Children love direct contact with nature and will applaud this idea. Spread a checkered tablecloth on the lawn and cushions so that everyone feels comfortably. It will be fun to enjoy muffins, Pasta and treats in picnic mode! Teapot, porcelain tea cup and Spinwash dishes, from El Corte Inglés. Mini bowl of pink crockery, from Zara Home. Toppers and paper capsules, from Tedi. Julia Rivas And to say goodbye to the party, the protagonist will offer a thank you card dedicated to each of her guests, so that her friends keep a memory of such a magnificent day. Choose cheerful designs, with prints in bright colors. The fonts that evoke handwritten calligraphy are perfect for children's celebrations. The image thank you card, with colorful tropical motifs, is a personalized design by Bianca Weddings. Julia Rivas

As a professional, to prepare a party, whether it's for children or with adults, what is needed? Know how to understand the needs of your customers and have constant communication with them, so that each step is agreed. In addition, it is essential to always work with personnel who have a proven experience.

Tell us three tips or advice that you give to your customers. Always hire suppliers with a positive reference. Think about what most guests like the most and, thirdly, enjoy the day and the preparations, because with help, you can also!

What does Bianca Weddings offer with respect to other event organizers? What is your identity sign? Absolute and constant dedication on my part. I personally organize each event, there are no third parties. In Bianca Weddings we are lovers of simple things, but worked. We strive for all our celebrations to breathe an elegant and romantic style, always respecting the tastes and initiatives of the clients.