A kitchen with island and lots of wood

A kitchen with island and lots of wood

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In this project, it has been able to transform a kitchen with traditional L-shaped distribution into an optimized, open and communicated room with the rest of the house. The person responsible for the change is the company Clysa who has had furniture from Santos.

A large sliding door with glazed panels connects the kitchen with the living room. The kitchen furniture finishes combine anthracite gray and cloud gray, a play of colors to delimit areas. The clear elm finish has been reserved for one of the partitions and the auxiliary breakfast area.

A spacious kitchen of 14 square meters solved with functionality to obtain work areas and a lot of storage capacity.

Decoration and styling: Raquel García.

Furniture, from Santos.
Photos: Kris Moya Studio.

Advertising - Keep reading below Cooking area on the peninsula

The cooking area is located in the central part of the room, located on a peninsula with a long worktop that serves as a preparation area and breakfast bar with stools.

Several work areas

Behind the peninsula, a linear of three low modules houses the scrubbing area, located in front of the window to take advantage of the natural light input. The composition is completed with three column cabinets that, located in a corner, integrate
various appliances and storage solutions in a compact and organized way.

All furniture is from Santos.

Pavement Slate in silver finish, by Colorker.

With lighting on the breakfast bar

On the breakfast bar, a couple of hanging lamps. They are the model Pleat Box 24, from Marset.

Single-handle tap spout finished
gloss chrome, from Frecan. Induction plate 4 fires with aluminum frame, by Miele. Multifunction oven Pure Line, Miele microwave and refrigerator.

Recessed ceiling hood

The hood embedded in the ceiling avoids visual obstacles, contributing to generate
a lighter, diaphanous and pleasant environment. Bell, from Pando.

Quality and resistant materials

With the aim of providing greater durability, Santos furniture firm manufactures the parts of the portafregadero module most likely to enter
in contact with water on laminated marine board, a material resistant to moisture, detergents and wear.

A lot of warehouse capacity

Three columns in the corner: here are integrated oven,
microwave, refrigerator, freezers and various modules.

With access to the living room

View of the passage that communicates with the dining room through the sliding door.

The kitchen core with supporting furniture

The peninsula is the core of this kitchen. In its inner face it includes two portaplaca modules with three levels of drawers, a system that provides a panoramic view of the contents and facilitates access to them, making cooking and cleaning tasks more comfortable.

An original front that takes advantage of space

The furniture is completed with a breakfast area formed by three low service modules with countertop, on which two tall cabinets with positionable folding opening hang.

In addition, an area of ​​open shelves is incorporated behind the wall panel to always have
Organized and by hand the cookbooks.

Mix of shades

This project has been carried out by Clysa, distributor of the Santos brand.

Warehouse corner detail

Dark furniture in which appliances are integrated and distributed in column cabinets.

General view of the kitchen

Here you can see the material and color jeugo.

Peninsula Detail

With stools around the peninsula.

View from the lounge Connected but independent kitchen

The sliding door integrates or separates the kitchen from the living room.