Confectionery and sweets with style and lots of love

Confectionery and sweets with style and lots of love

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Soraya Ramón, is an advertising based in Barcelona is an expert in setting up sweet tables for all kinds of celebrations. “More than five years ago, when I started wanting to have my children's parties - Soraya tells us - I saw that I lacked options. So I decided to get down to work. ” He created Sweetmama, where he combines technique, creativity and own style, in addition to putting a lot of love. From then until now he has elevated the candy to the art category. In his creative workshop there is no cake or cake to resist him!

Sweetmama advises to expose the candies in an attractive way, either in children's parties or in adults. She does it with these carts in natural wood and painted in white. Get inspired by the decorative elements you use: colorful paper pom poms on the floor and in garlands, pennants, and a fun solo bicycle wheel.

The secret to being a good party planner? You have to be very creative and thoughtful. Be patient, know how to listen and show good taste.
Tbeef tips that you always propose to your customers. That they focus on the budget they have, that they are clear in the briefing and that they trust the professionals they hire.
What is Sweetmama's personal brand? We focus our offer on the elaboration of custom, creative and design confectionery, and not only on the assembly, decoration and design of parties, so my strong point is the creation of sweet dream tables.


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