This weekend you have an appointment with crafts

This weekend you have an appointment with crafts

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One of the most recognizable buildings in the Sierra de Madrid, The green House, this weekend is filled with color, crafts and activities, with the spring edition of Las Conchas Market. There will be a wide range of items for everyone: decoration, textiles, fashion, accessories and gourmet products.

Antix Home cushions. Courtesy Decorated wooden boxes, by Rasa by Us. Courtesy Cushions personalized and hand painted by Crispinta. Courtesy Mexican handicrafts from Micuari. Courtesy

There will also be children's workshops throughout the weekend, tasting gourmet products, food-trucks and lots of entertainment.

Las Conchas Market in La Casa Verde de Torrelodones. Courtesy April 6 and 7. The green House. Rosario Manzaneque Avenue, 25. Torrelodones (Madrid). Free entrance.



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