Floor hydraulics

Floor hydraulics

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Ideally, combine the hydraulic tiles with furniture, carpentry and colors on the smooth walls so as not to saturate. It is different if only hydraulic lining is used in one area. But the problem is that it can recharge too much. Look at this example where, except the ground, nothing stands out, everything is chosen in neutrals and, at the same time, the ground highlights everything.

Hydraulic tiles in the bedroom with continuation in the bathroom. Architect Glória Durán Torrellas.

Delimit areas with hydraulics

Traditional hydraulics are made from compressed cement with hydraulic presses. They can be used indoors and outdoors. The new technologies have allowed to enjoy the effect of hydraulics with other materials and techniques, such as stoneware.

Here the hydraulic tiles delimit zones.

Interior designers Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo.

Also on the wall

In this case the ceramic hydraulic effect of the floor is prolonged on the wall and protects it in the kitchen. It is an idea of ​​the Egue and Seta study.

The retro inspiration of the hydraulic fits here with an industrial air cooker.

Mix of styles

In the bathroom, to get a vintage effect. Although here combined with modern furniture. The mix is ​​trend.

Interior Study Point.

Do you want to see the full bathroom? Look here.

In the bathroom

Photo by Leroy Merlin

In the kitchen

Hydraulics combine motifs in their drawings, geometric and floral being frequent. The colors are also mixed, being able to find black and white hydraulics or in the most different shades. Some are topped with a border.

Hydraulic floor with geometric pattern, by Pinar Miró. Kitchen by Santos.

Carpet effect

Carpet effect is to use the hydraulic in a part of the room, combined with another lining. Thus it is possible to have wood throughout a room and a more resistant hydraulic in the kitchen area when it is integrated into the adjoining environment.

Architect Meritxell Ribé.


Who said the hydraulics were only for spaces with retro flavor? Fully topical in this environment. Hydraulic tiles, from Vives Cerámica.


In the kitchen, full color and with floral motifs 70s.

In black and white

Very retro, black and white.

Interior design Studio Atelier HR.

Modern kitchen with hydraulic tile wall

This kitchen, open to the living room and dining room, is delimited on the floor with an elegant hydraulic, also prolonged on a wall front. It is combined in another with brick.

And the kitchen furniture in wood and with the black countertop complete a perfect set.

If you want to see this beautiful project, Egue and Seta, in full, click here.

Glamor in the bathroom with hydraulic


Interior design Disak Studio. Model hydraulic floor covering Variettefrom Discesur.

The latest: hydraulics in your home without works

They look like a hydraulic floor but they are carpets. So you can incorporate this trend into your home without works.

Carpet by Hidraulik. Hidraulik carpets are made of PVC type linoleum, a synthetic material that is easy to clean, antiallergic, flame retardant, thermal insulating and also suitable for outdoor use.


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