A renovated weekend house

A renovated weekend house

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Ana Rosa and her partner fell in love with the perfect enclave of this house and of its possibilities. When they saw her in ruins they knew they had a long journey ahead. The rehabilitation has been worth it. They have chosen neutral coverings and a basic decoration for what would be their second home, a space to enjoy in harmony with nature during weekends and holidays. In addition, our reader has put her personal stamp with pieces recovered by herself. Located in El Castillo, a small town belonging to Soto del Barco, in Asturias, this House has 50 m², distributed over two floors. In the first: living room, kitchen, dining room and a bathroom. On the upper level: two bedrooms, a small toilet and a landing, which could very well be a living corner. From the terrace, overlooking the Asturian green horizon. A dream come true.

Advertising - Keep reading below In connection with nature

The landscape surrounding this little house, located in a small town called El Castillo, belonging to Soto del Barco (Asturias), is a luxury. Green mountains and fresh air that invite you to relax just by looking at the horizon. From this terrace, breakfast is enjoyed more.

On the same floor, shared environments

In 50 square meters several rooms are distributed, on two floors. On the first level, this little house has a living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom. Except for this last stay, the rest share the atmosphere, without dividing walls.

Succession of environments on the ground floor

Our reader directly intervened in the reform of this little house and put her personal stamp not only on the decoration, basic, but on restored, painted or recovered pieces. The curtains in the living room were made by herself. In this view you can see the dining corner, perfect for use attached to the wall. When the owners receive guests you just have to place the table in the center of the floor and it is close to the kitchen, which facilitates the transfer of dishes.

Seafood inspired cuisine

Between marinera and afrancesada. In white wood and with the blue color of the walls as the protagonist. The success was to delimit the area with a breakfast bar that also marks the passage into the house from the street. We like the two ceiling lamps that hang over the bar. The natural light that enters through the window is a plus. The furniture is distributed on two fronts, with a comfortable central area. An example of how in a small space it is possible to have a comfortable kitchen. Furniture, from Ikea. Estor, by Leroy Merlin.

From the entrance

In the first place is the kitchen, delimited by a breakfast bar. Next is the dining room, with a table attached to the wall, and in the background the living room. In the middle of the floor there is a spiral staircase that leads to the upper floor, where the bedrooms are located. Virtually all the furniture is from Ikea. Ana Rosa reformed the house with the idea of ​​creating a cozy but very practical and functional home, since it was going to become a weekend home and holiday periods.

Spiral staircase

Detail of the spiral staircase. The floor chosen on the ground floor is different from the bedrooms. The wood of the stairs makes transition between the two levels. Fish-shaped mat by Maisons du Monde.

A charming landing

Already on the first floor, which is accessed by a spiral staircase (it is the type of design in stairs that less space remains, an important detail when the dimensions with small), in the distributor landing, Ana Rosa has created a flirtatious corner of being with a small table and a chair. From here two bedrooms and a small toilet are distributed. Table and complements, from Ikea. The chair has been recovered by our reader.

Horizon views

View from the terrace towards the mouth of the Nalón river. When Ana Rosa acquired the house in ruins, she imagined breakfast on the terrace with these stunning views. I wish fulfilled!

Marine Room

Blue and white and stripes. Look total sailor! Smooth blue fronts and striped stripes are combined on the walls. Bed and carpet, from Ikea.

In blue

Next to the bed, an original lamp and side table in deep blue, painted by Ana Rosa.

Master bedroom in pink tones

The master bedroom has been decorated with the essentials: a bed, bedside tables, a chair and a standing mirror, which gives it a very successful romantic touch. Highlights the front on which the bed rests with wallpaper. It is from Laura Ashley. Chair and mirror, recovered by Ana Rosa. Bedding, Revitex. Cushions, from Zara Home.

The bathroom with a DIY touch

The main bathroom is decorated in white and blue. Receive a washbasin front with touch do it yourself The sink rests on a wooden countertop, fixed to the wall with a pair of decorative supports. It is a design of the owners. The mirror is from the Casa store.

The toilet, with natural light

The luminosity decorates by itself. Stresses in this environment the game of wall materials: a mid-height plinth of vertical wooden planks and wallpaper of florets in the upper area. An air country It invades everything.

A mini sink

The sink is a mini and very flirty design, with very little depth, ideal for small spaces.


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