Tricks to save with Internet and telephone bills

Tricks to save with Internet and telephone bills

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Reduce the bill of telecommunications services in your home with these practical tips, easy to meet and without losing benefits.

Consumption profile

Before hiring the service, You must know the actual use you make of the phone and the internet. Check your last three invoices and check the total minutes consumed, you will surely discover that you do not exceed 200, so why pay for unlimited calls? The same goes for the internet. If at home you only use it to connect to social networks or the mail with 50 MB is enough. If on the contrary, you have several devices, watch TV or play online, you will need 300 MB.

Use of technology at home

Wifi signal Before hiring more megabytes or fiber optic because you think it is going very slow, make sure the router is well placed. Place your external antennas upward at a right angle or uve, place it in an elevated position, avoid obstacles that attenuate the signal, such as mirrors, metals, water or tiles, and move it away from other devices, such as cordless phone, baby monitor, bluetooth speaker or microwave . Download apps To verify your Wi-Fi works as it should and even where to place the router, such as NetSpot, Network Speed ​​Test, Speedtest by Ookla.

AhPray data. When you get home, disconnect the data from your mobile phone and let the wifi work because the phones have the ability to complement the connection with your information. Leave also the downloads and the streaming for when you have wifi.

Without fear of changes ... throw yourself!

Once you know your actual use, it's time to search and contrast tariffs The companies will offer you packages With many services, analyze if you really need them. Also, if you are a new customer, they will offer you great deals, but always ask what the price will be after that time.


Be careful with line fee They do not usually include it in the prices and it represents € 15-20 more per month.

Landline, tell me?

Do you keep your landline? If you really consider it necessary to keep it, check your rates. There are modalities that are adjust to each consumption, such as special prices for frequent numbers, calls to mobile phones or on weekends.


You can also save calling via wifi with Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp. Remember that there are phones with special rates, are those that begin with 901, 902, 118, and the most expensive, 803, 806, 807 and 905.