The Other Place hotel in China is literally a maze

The Other Place hotel in China is literally a maze

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Chao Zhang

You may have gone around the world, seen amazing things, met extraordinary people, and tried the most exotic dishes. But ... have you stayed at the geeks hotels? And every year we are surprised by the inauguration of the odd hotel that simply breaks the limits of the imagination. Boats, houses Hobbit, a cabin in a UFO-shaped tree ... The list is wide.

But 2018 was, without a doubt, the moment of The Other Place, a modern hotel located in the Chinese city of Guilin, which has already begun to cause a furor on social networks. Specifically, two of its rooms, called Dream Y Maze respectively. And why is it so stir? Effectively: to your design.


The project, carried out by Studio 10, by Shi Zhou, was inspired by the iconic artist Escher, to conceive impossible scenarios that, through optical games, touch surrealism. And what if they get it ...

Chao Zhang

If pink is your favorite color, don't hesitate, Dream It is your room. The range of stick and white roses with which it is decorated, creates a serene and surreally fresh space, completely away from everyday urban chaos.

Accessories and sconces such as lamps or plugs have been ingeniously hidden behind a series of black-painted doors and windows, thus maintaining the essence of the design.

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The stairs, meanwhile, make the guest feel as if he were in a magical world, where at any time he can discover, for example, the existence of a secret forest.

Chao Zhang Chao Zhang Chao Zhang

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The room Maze surprises with a succulent mixture of green and white, which gives the environment the same serenity that Dream. Again, the method to hide plugs and lights, are the doors and windows painted black. Identical designs, different sensations.

Chao Zhang Chao Zhang Chao Zhang

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