How to prepare for sunbathing

How to prepare for sunbathing

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Every time I approach my boy with the sunscreen, he growls: "I don't need it, if I put myself in the shade!" while he starts his escape. But even so, he needs it.
Protection for all Walking and doing sports in summer also involves exposure to ultraviolet rays. And yes, these are necessary to synthesize vitamin D - which helps to absorb calcium and strengthen our bones - but although
They only represent 7% of sun exposure, they affect us. Type A (UVA) penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin and causes aging. Type B (UVB) only reach the epidermis, but cause burns and have a direct effect on the appearance of melanoma.
How to prepare. Dermatologist Paloma Cornejo is clear: "To sunbathe, the skin must be healthy." What steps should we follow, then?
The first, says the doctor, is to exfoliate face and body to eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the outer layer of the skin. Thus, the tan will be uniform. The second is to apply sunscreens on clean skin of perfume or deodorant - so that no spots appear - half an hour before leaving home, and reapply it every two hours and after each bath. The third is to remove the remains of the site with a neutral soap and use aftersun. And one caveat: don't sunbathe freshly shaved. Allow at least 24 hours and restore the lipid mantle with moisturizer.

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Are you a bikini, triquini, swimsuit ...? When choosing yours, consider the type of activity you are going to do. If you like to play sports, get a comfortable model, with firm fasteners. To sunbathe, choose a design that discovers neckline and shoulders. Reserve the ones that hide the largest area of ​​skin, such as those with frills or halter neck, for a snack and to meet friends. Bikini Mumbai Heart Blue and towel (€ 49.95 each). The two, from Pip Studio.

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In a resort, in the pool or on the balcony of the house. Having style is capital whatever your destiny. Protect your face with a pamela and get a sarong. This one has been made with the fabric Amaryllis, from the Zapara collection. (€ 90.90 / m). It's from Harlequin.

3 Fan

Do you know the Spanish firm Agustina Studio? They are traditional products made with a current vision that is inspired by the Mediterranean. As the fan Roig, manually glued to beech rods (€ 24), or the matching towel, with eyelets in the 4 corners to puncture it in the sand and not fly (€ 45).

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Yes, Mexican skulls also like to go to the beach. This measures 1.5 x 1.5 meters, but being microfiber, it is very light. Towel (€ 28.45). In

5 Beauty Kit

Solar products, a brush, the mirror, the tape to collect your hair ... Gather your solar beauty kit in a cosmetic bag. The model Flemish measure
30 x 20 cm (€ 4). It is sold in Ale-Hop.

6 Jug with infuser

With the sun, we lose water. This jug with fruit infuser will help you rehydrate (€ 22.50); from XD Design Loooqs, it is sold in + D2.

7 Sandals

Shovel, with leather inner sole and outer rubber treatdlite, for walking without getting tired, model Joan, from UGG. We love your suede bow! (€ 145).

8 creams

Clinique solar products protect the skin against the harmful effects of UVA / UVB rays and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. Facial and body, either in cream or spray (€ 30 each).

9 fruit juices

The new functional waters of Solan, Defense and Repair, are made with 90% Solan de Cabras water, fruit juices and vitamins of group B, and help the defenses to take care of skin and hair.

10 Glasses

Essential to protect your eyes, if you sunbathe they must have at least one category of filter 3. Model Boho (€ 65.95). They are from Mr. Wonderful.