A flat on the beach designed to detail

A flat on the beach designed to detail

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Ample spaces and lots of storage space. These were the two objectives that the owner of this apartment located on the beach of Varadero, in Santa Pola, Alicante, put to interior designers Manuel García and Belén Moratella, of the studio Manuel García Associates. The destination of the house was to be a holiday rental, so its interior should be functional so that tourists who wanted to spend a few days on the beach feel comfortable, well received and with everything in order.

The interior designers were inspired by the hotel suites to trace the floor, "where the rooms remain open and connected to each other," they explain. To get the most out of the 50 square meters of the floor, different uses were concentrated in the same space and furniture was designed as they take advantage of every corner. Thus, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room share a room, but the furniture makes it possible to differentiate each one of them. A good example of this is the L-shaped dining room benches serve as a support table for the room and as a room divider. The two bedrooms and the bathroom become independent from the main space thanks to sliding doors, but they remain connected in some way thanks to the use of glass and wooden lattices. Flanking the entrance to the main room, two closets create a dressing area that ingeniously saves the lack of storage of the house, something essential in a holiday home.

The materials and the choice of design pieces have managed to create a cozy and serene feeling. The wood that covers walls and takes the form of lattices brings warmth, white tiles and glass walls and doors bring luminosity and terrazzo-like porcelain floors give a touch of dynamism. Here guests can feel at home. Or even better.
Photo: Diego Opazo

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The Manuel García Asociados studio has renovated the interior of this 50 square meter apartment located on the beach of Santa Pola, in Alicante.

Like in a hotel

The inspiration for the project were the hotel suites: fluid, open, connected spaces with a lot of storage capacity. In the lounge, coffee tables Tab of Sancal

Good table

In the dining room, table Reverse Andreu World chairs CH24 Wishbone by H. Wegner edited by Carl Hansen and lamp Chaplin of Gibas.

Know how to take advantage

The studio custom designed the sofa with chaise longue, as well as the bench-separator that serves as a support table for the living room.


The kitchen was tiled with 10x10 tiles from Cinca. Silestone countertop and designer furniture by Manuel García studio.

More wood

The floor was covered with a terrazzo imitation porcelain floor from Vives and the walls were paneled with wood with a natural oak finish.

Day and night

The day area (living room-kitchen) share a single space. The bedrooms and the bathroom were closed with glass and wooden shutters.

To the corner!

Next to the sofa, side table Tria Kendo and floor lamp Tab of Flos.

Clear, crystalline

The use of glass in the bedroom doors allows the passage of light, creating more visually fluid spaces.

Open doors

The apartment has two bedrooms.

Step to the bedroom

Detail of the wooden lattice that hides the sliding glass doors.

Hidden light

The lighting of the whole house is the built-in model Vulcan from Onok.

Store clothes

At the entrance of the bedroom the studio has created a dressing area with two facing cabinets designed to measure.

Knock on wood

The headboard is designed by interior designers and has been combined with bedside tables Palma de Mobenia model.

Faithful companion

Reading appliques Aloa in aromas.

Second bedroom

Composable furniture from the Tegar BQ collection and model table lamp Edison the Petit from Fatboy.

Transparence law

The inside of the shower and glimpses from the outside through the translucent glass enclosure.

Perfect geometry

The bathroom has been tiled with tile in 10x10 format in matt white Cinca. The toilets are from Gala.

White and wood

Bathroom cabinet designed by the Silestone countertop studio.

Have a good plant

Floor plan of 50 square meters.


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