You will not have a second chance to show a first ... lounge!

You will not have a second chance to show a first ... lounge!

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Courtesy of IKEA

Spring, blood alters, and with it, the desire to renew the decoration of our houses. Why not? It is a time of change where trees bloom, days lengthen, and smiles grow. Perhaps for this reason, we feel that need to create a really cozy space inside the home, in harmony with the outside. And that place is usually the busiest of homes. Yes, we refer to the lounge, and then… we show you how to get it with a few ideas!

Advertising - Keep reading below The warm dream environment Courtesy of IKEA

We know, you wear all winter wanting to see the sun and notice the heat of the rays on your skin. But how to achieve it inside the house if you cannot use a balcony or a terrace? There is no doubt: creating a warm atmosphere in the living room.

To achieve this, you will have to start by choosing pieces of natural fibers, such as bamboo lamps or jute carpets; continue adding a few plants that fill the room with freshness; and end up choosing textiles with soft tones and prints with cheerful motifs.

If you add to this a base sofa with pocket springs as comfortable as FÄRLÖV, which also has a beautiful mustard velvet cover, woven with a traditional technique, the result will be similar to being in an outdoor oasis.

2 seater model, € 649


Small but flirtatious Courtesy of IKEA

Having a tiny room does not mean that it cannot be cozy or functional, but quite the opposite! You know what they say about: when space is missing, ingenuity sharpens ...

One of the tricks that will help you optimize square meters is to use a carpet as a dividing element of visual space. In this way, you can enjoy some independence in the territory of the living room, in front of the dining room or kitchen, if they are open. On the other hand, the choice of a sofa upholstered in a light tone, will bring a lot of light to the area. Something extremely necessary in small areas.

The two-seater GRÖNLID sofa will offer you a comfortable resting place thanks to the comfort of your seats and its 10-year warranty. And even if you choose a beige cover you won't have to worry about stains, since it can be machine washed without problem.

2 seater model, € 499


A room ready to live Courtesy of IKEA

If you like to spend a lot of time at home, or for work reasons you have no other, the room should be one of the best raised areas.

Apart from choosing versatile furniture that fulfills several functions at the same time (such as a side table where to place decorative objects, and on other occasions, support the feet or the cup of coffee), it is also important to think about comfort and comfort. body comfort

A sofa with high backs and solid wood structure such as LIDHULT, will keep your back and neck well protected during long film or work sessions in front of the laptop, and if you opt for the model with chaise longue that appears in the photo, you can also stretch Legs when you get tired of posture.

3 seater model, € 1,049


All in one Courtesy of IKEA

After the scattering of blankets that you used in the living room during the colder months, it was time to put everything in order. And there is nothing more overwhelming than one of those rooms turned into forts of war, where you know when you enter, but not when you leave ...
To take advantage of the space and make the task of collecting much easier, choose a sofa like VALLENTUNA, with a storage space under the seats that will allow you to hide everything that bothers the view or that you will not use daily.

But that's not all, because when you need it… zas! It will magically become a comfortable bed.

3 seater sofa bed, € 1,030


The magic of simplicity Courtesy of IKEA

If you prefer not to risk with the decoration, and opt for a timeless style that does not go out of style, our advice is that you opt for soft tones without much contrast, since the greater the clash of colors, the faster you will get tired. In addition, this type of color palettes provide a lot of warmth to the spaces, creating an environment conducive to disconnection.

The EKTORP sofa, in white, is ideal as the main piece of the living room, since the shape of its armrests is elegant, and its seats recover the shape as soon as you get up, keeping it always impeccable.

2 seater model, € 299


A corner for reading Courtesy of IKEA

Not everyone needs (or can) have a sofa in the living room. In fact, if you don't share a flat with anyone else, you won't even need it. Simply choose an armchair and a footrest on which to rest, and add a spot of light placed at a strategic height to enjoy your reading moments in conditions.

The STRANDMON armchair has a high backrest, and being a wingman, will give character to any environment where you put it.

Wing chair, € 179