Chill time '10 corners to relax ... in a little house!

Chill time '10 corners to relax ... in a little house!

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As soon as you cross the threshold of the door ... Goodbye worries! That is how it should be every day, but as we know that it is very difficult to disconnect from work and everyday problems, we will help you get a home relaxation space that will become your favorite escape route.

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Place one daybed full of cushions in that sunny corner, decorate with a couple of candles, and voila!

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As there is nothing more relaxing than nature, why not take it home filling your corner chill of plants? And if you put a wicker chair with cushions ... wonderful!

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Rose to power

The stained glass window is simply beautiful, and the shades in pink create a corner chill very, very feminine!

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Red range

From red to pink! A bright and sweet corner overlooking the forest ... So anyone relaxes!

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With such a wicker swing… why do you want more?

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In the attic

You don't know what use to give to the attic? We make it easy for you: choose a sofa with cushions and blankets, a swing, a garland of lights ... and that's it, space chill got!

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With personality

With tree included! A corner like this is only suitable for daring, but the combination of dark colors with pink tones is beautiful.

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Rustic and Mediterranean, a room that inspires relax Just see it, and just try the hammock!

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Chill out

But if you are lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor terrace, this swing will become the main attraction. Get ready to ask for a turn!

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In white

Indian style and white, a corner for spiritual minds!

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