In this house you live the Happy deco

In this house you live the Happy deco

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After twelve years living in Chile, when returning to Spain, Antonio and María were very clear about the lifestyle they wanted to lead and the house they needed to get it. Is about a home of generous proportions and few barriers between spaces, where decorative miscegenation, the presence of natural light and good vibrations are evident. They are the peculiar pieces, along with the most showy colors of the palette, those who print their overwhelming personality to the house; and it is that the couple's passion for antiques drove them for years to tour markets throughout Latin America and to acquire all kinds of memories that are already part of their vital trajectory.

To accommodate your experiences, translated into parts and special details, they looked for a spacious house and they reformed it by creating diaphanous spaces; it is the furniture placed correctly that sets the decorative pattern and creates peculiar environments in which to be and relax. Stand out among all the magnificent covered terrace, which connects the living room with the garden, glazed and conceived as a chill out space, comfortable and casual. The exterior, paved with polished cement, tunes in wonder with the full style of color and the unique unique pieces, which are distributed throughout the house. After the works the kitchen was extended to include in it the main dining room. In this space the contrast of styles and colors becomes a hallmark. On the one hand, the original finishing of the furniture, which simulates marble, and the modern appliances with which it has been equipped stand out; all on immaculate white walls; on the other, the Norman table, in red, surrounded by green chairs and crowned by the presence of a spider. Different old posters of Valparaíso complete this environment.

The first floor leads to the rest area, with a decoration in light tones; here to put the focus of interest in certain spaces, these have been highlighted by wallpaper fronts. For example, in the master bedroom, the headboard has been framed with floral patterns, responsible for the festive and cheerful spirit of the environment, reinforced by the choice of furniture, antique, recovered and finished in pink and white.

Advertising - Read on below A garden to enjoy

Sliding windows allow communicating the covered terrace with the outside patio; Both rooms are decorated in the same relaxed line, perfect for summer. Decorative figure in the form of flamenco, by El Laberinto. Woven cloth baskets and outdoor plastic carpet, from Los Peñotes.

A chillout patio

The original charm of the patio resides in its walls, covered with vegetation, a fresh relief for the hot summer days. A colorful and practical deco reinforces this festive and fun feeling that invites you to stay indoors outside with family or friends. The table and sidewalks come from an old bowling alley in Buenos Aires.

Furniture with character

Diving in markets, antique stores or special sales always has a prize. You can find pieces from other eras and put a peculiar note in your own home. These sidewalks come from an old bowling alley.

Decorative pieces

Proudly display your collections. Your passion can become a decorative center of a space; In this case, the owner feels weakness for the old earthenware jugs that she exhibits throughout the house.

A lounge with loft aesthetics

The look Industrial hall is accentuated with the presence of a brick wall, sheet metal furniture and a large old poster on the wall. The details in deep orange warm the atmosphere. Leather corner sofa and coffee table, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Macarena Saiz Textiles.

A retro air sign

Inspired by the advertising plates of the 50s and 60s, decorative wall posters are all the rage. This one in particular was rescued from an old bar that closed its doors.

A carefully decorated deco

Pieces as original as the former display of a Chilean grocery store or the travel trunk used as a coffee table bring authenticity and personality to the interior design of the entire space. Colored glass vases and embroidered ethnic cushion, for sale in A Loja do Gato Preto.

A very special living room

Next to the work library was a beautiful Norman sofa upholstered in pink velvet; a very flirtatious bet that aims to make a specific space independent as a more intimate and collected living area. Green carpet, by Macarena Saiz Textiles. Embroidered and plain turquoise sofa cushions, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Antique furniture

The great variety of furniture with storage capacity was also a great success that allows to maintain the perfect order and to clear the space in the living room. Among all, the bureau stands out, with wooden shutters, the travel trunks as a coffee table and, of course, the old display used today as a bookstore.

Little birds around here ...

Butterflies, dragonflies or small colored birds bring lightness and delicious bucolic notes wherever they are located. Small details full of good taste that mark style.

The receiver, business card

It is important to take care of every detail from the entrance to our house, after all, the first impression marks a lot. A simple wrought iron coat rack with mirror puts a special note in this case.

Mix of styles

The kitchen, with a very large floor plan, houses the main and unique dining room in the office. In contrast to the modern design of the cabinets, the Norman table, painted in red, and the chairs in aged green stand out; This retro style is reinforced with old posters and with a unique slate from Valparaíso.

A modern kitchen

The chosen furniture has a curious finish that emulates aged leather. Combined with steel appliances and white coverings, they offer a vision as not avant-garde. All furniture and floor and wall coverings are from Cupesa. Appliances, Siemens.

Vegetable still lifes

Decorative, refreshing and, as an added value, very beneficial for health, the presence of natural plants at home is always right. If you do not have a good hand, better bet on cacti or crass, they are very resistant varieties, varied and, of course, beautiful.

The room of the kids

The private universe of Julieta and Santiago is enriched with fun and colorful bedding, different in each bunk, to achieve a unique and private space for each of the children. Ikea desk. Chandelier in red, by Leroy Merlin. The paper, with drawings of European monuments, was acquired in Germany.

A bathroom for kids

The bathroom of the little ones is chaired
for a custom furniture, with orange front
In high brightness, fun and functional.

A bathroom for two brothers

Draws attention to the double opening screen,
to facilitate help during the daily shower.
The coverings, the sanitary ware, the faucets and the screen are from Cupesa.

One bedroom suite hearst

The master bedroom has its own bathroom; Both spaces were decorated looking for the contrast between finishes and textures. In the rest area reigns a striking wallpaper, which serves as the headboard. Bedding, from Zara Home.

Colored textiles hearst

Dare to mix prints, chosen with great care and without abusing them enhance the beauty of the space without the need for other decorative accessories. Floral and parrot print cushions from Zara Home.

The bedroom bathroom

The white-black binomial predominates in the bathroom. The tiles are from Cupesa.

House plan and decorative tricks

- A studied mixture of textures and finishes enriches the final set of the room; we find upholstered in aged leather, others in velvet, wood furniture, sheet metal, leather applications ... a wide range of textures, ideal to energize the decoration.

- Being a large open space are the structural elements themselves, such as steps
or open spaces, those that visually separate the living room environments. In this sense, the carpets, all different, play an important role defining each zone.