A Christmas decoration of caprice

A Christmas decoration of caprice

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Christmas decoration evokes the landscape of forests, fields and cities in winter. Inside the house, the atmosphere is warm, even if snowflakes fall outside. The interiors are dyed Red and white, the two most traditional colors of Christmas, or Red and green, to which a touch of Scandinavian inspiration is added With white and lots of wood. The metallic shades They illuminate and provide reflections. And the most colorful trend is not lacking and naive, The most casual.

Advertising - Read on below A natural tree, dotted with colors

An idyllic picture: a fireplace, some armchairs, a carpet and a large and leafy Christmas tree, waiting for the sun to hide to fill with colored lights. It is the example that a tree does not need to be saturated with ribbons, lights, ornaments and tinsel to hoard looks. Less is more, we do not get tired of saying it: different ornaments in colors, all of small size (if you realize, none especially stands out) and some crystal ball. At the base, a fiber basket that hides the pot and a garland of lights on the floor. Image by Farrow & Ball.

Houses with lights

Inside and outside, lights are essential. Illuminate the nights, an evening with friends, a Christmas dinner ... and place a garland in the window so that the flash of the white lights can be seen from outside. These lamps emulate this image: little houses that let the light seep through their windows. They seem to have life inside. The decorative proposal: place several lamps of this type on the windowsill. They are from the firm Sia.

The most natural Christmas

Pineapples, trunks, branches, leaves ... natural and classic designs are harmoniously combined with more contemporary ones. It is a different Christmas, a concept inspired by nature, that brings that fresh, simple but delicate air, which we like so much. Here, a staircase with several trunks has been made. The steps are attached to the vertical crossbars with several turns of rope. It is a decorative staircase in which some ornaments are entangled. A well-decorated leafless tree: incorporates some metallic figure. The brightness gives light and a touch of sophistication and elegance in this trend. Ornaments, from the firm Blaubloom.

Look at the stars

Any corner of your house becomes Christmas with incorporating some touches. The stars are trending. Look at this picture. It's a Kenay Home proposal: paper stars in the sky. Hanging on a ladder, next to a light garland, resting on the floor or on a sideboard. The tree, practically bare, is supported by a star foot and it is another small figure that crowns it.

Decorative gifts

Until Santa Claus or the Kings arrive at your house, fill the tree's feet with boxes wrapped in bright colors, as if they were gifts. Image by Cath Kidston.

Wood and metallic touches

Whether golden, silver or coppery, the must of the season, the reflections illuminate and give life to the wood. It is the combination ten. Look at this candleholder composition. Not perfect? Copy the idea. Everything from Kenay Home.

The Christmas plant: poinsettia

The traditional poinsettia becomes a unique flower to decorate each corner with a very original touch. Red or in other colors. Dare with one of pink leaves, for example, in a vase and accompanied by twigs, as in this composition. If you look, you'll see that the flowers look in vases do it yourself made with plastic bottles as mold, filled with white plaster. Picture of