Family house that distills calm

Family house that distills calm

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A very personal style defines each environment of this singular housing located on the Costa Brava. The owner of such an amazing result is its owner, Beatriz Domingo, He has transferred his extensive professional experience in the world of fashion to the decoration of your home. The owner of the clothing and accessories samples of Bea, Bea decided that such exquisite pieces could also be part of the environments of her house. A rustic simple characterizes the structure of the building, covered with materials and finishes typical of the area; tuff predominates untreated on all floors, blue and green glazed tiles, and white paint that unifies the spaces. A discreet environment that houses furniture and very diverse objects: recovered pieces, old, vintage, even, some of them designed by Beatriz herself.

The caution when choosing colors is evident in all spaces. Neutral tones animated by intense brushstrokes that allow to create environments suitable for all seasons, a basic condition in a house designed to enjoy both summer vacations and cold winter weekends. An infallible resource to get it was bet on the color in accessories and utensils.

The first floor, destined to the bedrooms, enjoys a special charm thanks to its Attic roof with exposed beams and an original reed coating instead of paint. Premium furniture shortage, in contrast to the relevance given to work designs, such as bedside tables or Ibizan-inspired shelves. It highlights the main rest area, installed in an open loft that grants double height to the floor distributor. This space, open and with access to a terrace, kept as transparent as possible to free access to the stairs. A old wrought iron bed full of cushions serves as a sofa and, together with a large cotton carpet, enhances clarity in this comfortable seating area that is also used as a dressing room.

Advertising - Keep reading below Outdoor lounge

Under the comforting shade provided by the cane roof, a dining room and a suggestive seating area that extends into the garden share space. Armchairs, Cottage (€ 90 each). The coffee table was made by the owner of the house. Cushions and mattress, from Filocolore and plants, from Sia. The dining room chairs are old.

A broad being

A generous living area, both in meters and in number of seats, becomes the nerve center of the house, and a pleasant gathering space to gather family and friends. Both coffee tables and sofas (€ 2,000 approx. Both) were designed by Bea Domingo and made to measure. Cushions, from Filocolore. Rattan cushions (€ 25 each in Ikea). Carpet, 100% Jute. The white basket used as a magazine rack is from Zara Home.

Lounge for the whole year

Conceiving the living area as an extension of the garden was a success; especially for the months of good weather, in which it is possible to open the windows and to unify interior and exterior. Tables and sofas designed by the owner. Purple lamp, by Filocolore. Picture of conch shells, from Cado (€ 750).

Protagonist lamp

The retro air models are renewed with more colorful finishes, in line with new trends. This table lamp, by Filocolore, we love for its lilac shade.

Winter lounge

When winter comes, just close windows and curtains to isolate yourself from the cold.

The dinner room

Located between the kitchen and the living room, the dining area serves as the office and main dining room; For this reason, a large table with space for eight people was chosen. Dining table purchased at Merc & Cía and painted by the owner (€ 800). Ceiling lamp, by Mercantic Sant Cugat (€ 90). White carpet, from Smon Barcelona (€ 1,000).

Dining room

Individuals, from Ikea (€ 1.95 each). Jarroncitos, by Sia.

Tradition in the kitchen

The kitchen, fully open to the dining room, was equipped with a piece of furniture. The glazed tiles in green help to visually delimit the cooking space and put a very special personal touch. Appliances of the firms Balay and Bosch. Curtains, from Ikea.

Ground floor distributor

The main rest area, installed in an open loft that grants double height to the floor distributor.

Intimate bedroom

The master bedroom dazzles both for its simplicity and for the originality it gives off. Part of its charm lies in the personal details that were placed casually. Scarves, bags, shoes and dresses replaced with large plaid and vase coquetry. Duvet cover, Zara Home (€ 90). Cushions, pillows and plaid (from € 90 each) from CoriumCasa. Carpet (€ 45), fiber pouf (€ 25) and curtains, from Ikea.

Details in the bedroom

Flexo lamps, by Luzio (€ 198 each). All dresses, bags, shoes and accessories come from Bea, Bea. A curious detail is the small hanger that chairs the headboard and in which the owner exhibits her favorite dress for that season.

1st floor distributor

With pieces recovered from diverse backgrounds, the owner of the house created a very special atmosphere in the distributor of the first floor. What was an area of ​​passage towards the attic, has become a pleasant being. Bedding, from Zara Home; bedspread (€ 60) and cushions (from € 18). Purple lamp, by Filocolore. Carpet, by Smon Barcelona (€ 1,000). Cushions, from Ikea.


A very decorative solution is to cover the attic roof with cane mesh on which the wooden beams stand out; This results in an original mix between rustic and colonial style. It is vital to place an insulator that prevents possible leaks that can rot the reeds.
Keeping the walls clear and painted in white is a perfect resource that helps increase the height of the ceilings. The headboards and bedside tables, painted in the same color, greatly reinforce this sense of spaciousness, especially if the accessories are rationed.