You will fall in love with this magical recipe of 'unicorn' for Easter

You will fall in love with this magical recipe of 'unicorn' for Easter

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With Easter just around the corner, the beautiful cakes and desserts are almost too beautiful to eat. But if your cooking skills leave something to be desired, you probably feel a bit left out.

So, here we are to help you. There is no dessert easier to make than a chocolate bark, You don't even need an oven! And it is ideal.

To do this Unicorn bark For Easter, start by pouring a few tablespoons of melted chocolate on the baking sheet: we use purple, blue, pink and white, but don't hesitate to create any combination of colors you want. Then, using a spatula, spread it everywhere to make colorful swirls.

Now, the fun part: The glitters! This recipe is fully customizable, so choose decorative candies and toppings that you like most. (Although we highly recommend the caramel bunnies and the crispy sparks of tutti-frutti). When you're done, put it in the freezer for an hour, and that's it! We told you it would be easy.

Full recipe: Delish.

Via: Country Living US