A sustainable house at a bargain price

A sustainable house at a bargain price

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When a retired couple from Baccarat, France, approached the architecture firm Studiolada Architects, they knew exactly what they wanted: an extremely profitable and energy efficient house. Thus, the French company got down to work, designing and building an aerodynamic structure with sustainable materials (mainly wood). The result? A house of almost 112 square meters with individual garage that is simple, affordable and specifically created to operate efficiently. The best of all? Studiolada offers house plans for free, although you may need a translator (it's all in French).

"We hope that, by making the plans accessible, we can inspire and encourage larger projects and ideas," writes Christophe Aubertin, of Studiolada, about the project.

"The areas are connected: the kitchen to the living room and the terrace to the garden," continues Aubertin. "This arrangement allows the space to expand to the outside and reinforces the feeling of openness. In addition, the ground floor is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility and has a lounge."

"You will not find drywall in this house; they have been replaced by wooden panels that cover the walls, ceilings and divisions," he says. "This eliminates two tasks: plastering and painting, something that saves time and is cleaner (because the wooden panels are cut and varnished in a workshop)." "The money we save is invested in the purchase of ecological devices, designed to provide comfort."

"The thermal inertia of the inhabited space is reinforced by the sheet and precast concrete that are embedded in the internal structure of posts and beams." "The outer part is insulated with sustainable materials: cellulose wadding (20 cm in the walls, 26 cm in the ceiling) complemented with wood fiber (6 cm in the walls and ceiling)".

"All the equipment connected to the heating, ventilation and hot water tank is collected in the central part of the plan to allow better diffusion and minimize the length of the distribution network," writes Aubertin. "Heating is provided by a programmable pellet stove, and dual flow ventilation helps to gently aerate all rooms."

"The south facade is completely glazed (protected by a pergola, where you can place a roof or a climbing plant), while the north facade is covered." "The western porch is designed to be more cozy, offers intimate spaces," he concludes. Aubertin

Photos: Courtesy of Olivier Mathiotte

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