How are you going to celebrate the night of San Juan?

How are you going to celebrate the night of San Juan?

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The summer solstice is getting closer, and with it, the celebration of one of the most special pagan festivals that exist, that is, the night of San Juan. It may be because of the magic of bonfires that are lit as a symbol of strength to "animate" the sun on its pilgrimage until the winter solstice, or because it is the perfect occasion to say goodbye to bad habits and memories, while you purify yourself in front of the fire. But to make the night unforgettable, take note of our proposal of recipes, utensils and activities. We assure you that there will be no better party!

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A prize cocktail

Instead of drinking the typical beer, take the opportunity to prepare this Mexican cocktail with tequila, and go dancing around the fire!

Prepare a healthy and delicious snack

You can't party on an empty stomach! And less on the night of San Juan. So take note of this delicious spinach wraps recipe and surprise your friends with the most pecking healthy.

To the delicious dessert

And of course, do not forget to bring a dessert as sweet and rich as this cake red velvet that will conquer all who try it.


All over! Candles, lanterns ... Everything that contributes to make the space intimate and cozy.

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Paper cups

Perfect for a night picnic contemplating the bonfire, and with a very summery design!

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A solar lamp

If you are going to celebrate the night of San Juan in the garden, a solar lamp like this will create a very magical atmosphere.

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A very soft blanket

At night it always refreshes, especially if you live in the north, that's why a blanket will give you life when you start to notice goosebumps.

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The most comfortable site

If you are going to spend the night at the beach, what less to do with glamor in a very fluffy pouf?

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Reusable napkins

In addition to being very cute thanks to its classic vichy square design, you can reuse them up to six times after washing them in the washing machine.

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