News in our next issue: March

News in our next issue: March

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In the next issue you will find ...

Houses decorated with care, but also designed to live without restrictions, the houses of our next number are very different from each other, but they have in common their authentic character, which adapts to the needs of its inhabitants. Spaces open concept, Super functional kitchens, original coatings ... are some of the details that make them unique

Miriam Yeleq

Raw pieces: Pure beauty. You know what the trend is raw? It is about introducing decorative pieces of wood, without artifice, with its knots and natural veins. You will see how these casual sculptures look.

Villeroy & Boch

My bathroom: Black faucets and hydraulic tiles are trending.

Colin Poole

Around the table: Take good note of the gastronomic news. In addition, in Guía you will have a lot of practical solutions to adapt the decoration of your house to the rhythm of your family.

Villeroy & Boch

The supplement + Practice Accompanying the next issue will solve many of your daily tasks: different tricks, tips and crafts for a simple and fun handmade.

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