12 cooking tricks you can do with a blender

12 cooking tricks you can do with a blender

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The glass blenders are very versatile. Check out our list of tricks, and you will use yours for more than just soups and shakes ...

1. Grind spices
The powerful paddle of a blender can grind spices with ease. You may have to stir occasionally with a spoon to make no grain or seed, then you just have to store it in a jar and you can enjoy it for a month of its freshness.

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2. Make icing sugar
In an instant, transform the granulated sugar into powder. We do not advise you if you are preparing a cake for a special occasion, but for the daily biscuits, it is ideal.

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3. Fondant
Speaking of sugars, prepare sugar paste or fondant It requires a lot of work, it is very sticky. It is much easier to put it in the blender and give it a few turns.

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4. Sorbets
The blenders are powerful enough to transform the ice into snow, so take advantage of it and pour the frozen fruit directly into the blender to prepare a delicious sorbet.

5. Make frozen cocktails
Add alcohol to the frozen fruit and you will have an exotic and fresh instant cocktail.

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6. Do fine sauces
Dutch sauces and béarnaise They don't have to be just restaurants. Making them in a blender is very easy. Follow the recipe amounts, putting the yolks and vinegar in the blender jar and mixing them together. With the engine running, slowly pour the melted butter until it thickens and is ready.

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7. Make doughs
Prepare a delicious breakfast as soon as you wake up. Put all the ingredients for the pancakes - or for some cookies- in the blender glass, and in seconds it's ready to put in the pan.

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8. Make nut butters
Toast the peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts (or walnuts) in a large pan until golden brown, and crush them in the blender, season with a little salt and sugar, if desired.

9. Amazing vegan desserts
We go a little further with nut butters. Use the blender to beat the dough and nuts.

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10. Mix the butter and flour
If you are making cakes, biscuits or crumbleMixing butter and flour is a cumbersome job, so beat them together. Then, you just have to pour the mixture into a bowl and continue with your recipe.

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11. Whipped cream instantly
Pour the cream into the blender glass with a little icing sugar and vanilla extract, then press the button until the cream has thickened. If it is mounted too much, add a little milk and press briefly.

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12. Grind coffee
Ideally, grind the coffee with a grinder to achieve a consistent and tasty coffee. But if you're not a purist and only drink coffee from a coffee maker, the blender is enough to make a decent ground coffee.

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