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Located in the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, in Alicante, MasQi, The Energy House, is located 19th century farmhouse turned into a beautiful Boutique hotel that invites the meditation and to relax. Its peculiar enclave, surrounded by nature, has allowed its owner, Sonia Ferrer, to offer different rooms, detox or wellness, whose objectives are to improve the life of each guest inside and out. All this accumulation of stress and haste with which customers arrive gradually dissolves thanks to the perfect combination of rest, relaxing treatments and healthy food. His new proposal is called MasQi Transforma or how to activate the best version of each in just one week. The program begins with a small interview on arrival, to gather information on the lifestyle and food of each person and thus develop a detailed plan to measure.

The hotel has 8 rooms distributed in 4 categories: double, double superior, junior suite and suite, all of them to choose between half board and full board. The decoration is dotted with Asian, African, antique furniture and exclusive pieces designed by its owner. The predominate light tones, wood, stone, linen fabrics... Everything in perfect balance where nothing is missing or left over. In 2016, the dome was built in the outer garden, a place where yoga is meditated and practiced.

The construction, as an igloo, with transparent canvas windows makes the connection between body and mind possible while listening to the sound of the birds or the hoot of the wind. And to add energy and strength to the room, what better way to eat healthy. Organic products, seasonal vegetables and fresh fish are the basis of the macrobiotic cuisine of the MasQi restaurant, open to the public upon reservation. In addition to enjoying exquisite dishes, they teach nutrition classes to keep at home the good habits acquired.

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The MasQi hotel, The Energy House It is located in Camino de la Mallaeta, s / n. Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante). Phone reservations: 965 576 232/699 094 440.

The establishment has 8 double rooms with bathroom, to choose between half board or full board. Treatments and therapies apart.

Room with views

The price of the double room is from € 135 per person on half board. And the price of the MasQi Transforma program is € 2,100 / 7 days (includes accommodation, full board, yoga, therapies and activities).

Peace and quiet

Although the structure of the farmhouse has been respected, the interior decoration has undergone a radical change. Clear walls and the use of wood convey a pleasant feeling of peace and tranquility.

Forest walks

The interesting routes along the Vinalopó river are key to well-being. Along the way you will discover beautiful corners with forests, ditches and mills, a whole walk through the senses.

With king size bed

OM room corresponds to a junior suite located on the ground floor. With views of the mountains, direct access to the garden and private balcony-terrace, it has a king size bed and bathroom with shower.

Wooden beams

The exposed wooden beams provide warmth to the North room. A suite on the second floor with a bed king size, Private living room with sofa bed and hot tub.

The hotel restaurant

Is it possible to enjoy and eat healthy? Yes, and proof of this are the balanced dishes offered by the MasQi restaurant menu, also open to the public.

The menus are based on macrobiotic cuisine and the fusion of cultures, where organic, vegan products and dishes adapted to food intolerances have a special place.

The breads are made with sourdough and baked at the moment, they have multiple smoothies, soft drinks, craft beers and a top wine list.


The restaurant, decorated in wood, sports a tableware with unique pieces and a breakfast table full of history, made from a wooden floor from a 17th century stable.

Healthy recipes

For those who want to start taking care of themselves and change their diet as soon as possible, the restaurant offers a series of healthy recipes that can be downloaded from your blog or sign up for your nutritional courses programmed in your agenda.

They teach to chew slowly, so that the digestions are lighter, enjoy the dishes and good company, internalize those healthy habits and then apply them at home.

New flavors

Open your mind - and your palate - to the new flavors with Asian touches offered by the MasQi restaurant. Couscous thai, mushroom brown rice,
Tuna tataki, red lentil falafel, sea bass ceviche or sweet potato cream are some of its star dishes. Learn to enjoy and make them thanks to the nutritional courses they teach and that will help you eat healthy back home.

Treatments, therapies and activities

Whether or not you stay at the hotel, you can sign up for a multitude of treatments, therapies and activities. Daily yoga classes are one of them. They are made in the dome, located next to the farmhouse and surrounded by jara, pines and all kinds of aromatic herbs.

Massage room

The passage through therapy sessions produces obvious effects. Next to the pool, the massage room allows you to try alternative therapies, such as ayurveda, kinesiology, reiki, acupuncture or Bach flowers that will make you feel in glory!

Good inside and out

In addition to the practice of yoga, different therapies such as bioenergetics, kinesiology or traditional Chinese medicine are carried out, which are applied in a personalized way. All this added to therapeutic talks and pleasant walks through the Natural Park of the Sierra de Mariola give ideas, strength and inspiration to feel good inside and out.


On a wooden platform, the dome shares space with the pool that is much appreciated when the sun squeezes. The days at the hotel go a long way: after practicing activities, how good it feels to have a refreshing bath or relax on the sun loungers, late in the afternoon.


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