How to choose the perfect side dish for each dish

How to choose the perfect side dish for each dish

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A good garnish not only enriches the main course without stealing prominence, but also offers a mix of textures and flavors that are pleasant to the palate. Write down ideas to find the perfect accompaniment and make your recipes a real success.

1. Salads of green leaves and potatoes Soufflé, roasted or fried, are two options that adapt perfectly to meat, fish and poultry dishes.
2. Basmati rice Spicy accompanies very well all kinds of grilled or grilled meats, especially those that have a touch of spices such as, for example, morunos skewers or marinated meats.
Add a garnish of vegetables and vegetables It is the best way to ensure a healthier diet. Roast them to add to meat stews and steam them if it's a white fish recipe.

A plus of flavor

It provides a rich counterpoint of texture to soups and creams with the traditional croutons
or croutons; without a doubt, one of the most used resources.


You can also prepare rich crispy leek, ham, bacon or Parmesan cheese, as well as chips of cassava (some different chips) of artichokes or bananas.

Potatoes never fail!

There are many who think that a meat stew You should always go with some fried or roasted potatoes. Innovate and prepare a rich pumpkin puree for your chicken, turkey or duck recipes, and mushrooms sauteed with spices for red meat.


A garnish of potatoes should weigh between 125 and 150 grams; if it is rice, calculate about 50 grams, and if it is a vegetable or salad, a cup will be enough.

Many options

There are few recipes that are not good for some tasty potatoes, whether cooked, fried or mashed. Including your fish dishes, that you can also accompany
with basmati rice, natural asparagus or mayonnaise, and light salads of bean sprouts.



Although they are not considered garnish, they are ideal to accompany foods that do not have an intense flavor, such as chicken or grilled fish.



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