Express guide to have the kitchen collected and in perfect order

Express guide to have the kitchen collected and in perfect order

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Organize the kitchen by heights

On the shelves and top cabinets, place the utensils and the foods you use less. The usual dishes and ingredients, at the level of your eyes. And that with greater weight, below, if possible on wheels, to clean effortlessly.

Cart (€ 305) and utensils, by Ib Laursen.

Let nothing be loose

From the consulting firm, Pía Nieto explains that "what is most in the way of sight is usually small: group it."

Modular organization system for drawers and drawers Latitudefrom Schmidt.

"The cans decorate if they are stacked with the label out, so as not to have to touch them or turn them," continues Pía. And if you pack, "make the labels in good print and place them at the same height" to convey order.

Order in the fridge

Lunch boxes are a staple. The transparent and high walls allow you to see what is stored in them and, as Pía Nieto indicates, "if they are square or rectangular, they take better advantage of the refrigerator space." Label them with the purchase date, so that the consumption period does not pass, and add your name if you share a flat.

The lunchbox collection Smart, from Curver, is airtight 100% (between € 2.79 and € 10.95).

To store all those fresh, bio and proximity products, which you buy almost daily, you will need refrigerators that prolong the life of fruits and vegetables. Most of them already incorporate technologies for this: EverFresh, in the case of the firm Beko; Fresh tech in Haier's; 6th Sense and sensors Fresh control in Whirlpool's; Y Vitamin Care, which emulates photosynthesis, in the case of Grundig.

Tidy Household

If you have direct access to each piece of utensils, it will be easier for you to maintain order in the kitchen.

Organizer Atlantis for pans, plates and lids of pots and casseroles (€ 14.99 for sale at Casa stores).

Grouping is essential, but leave "paths with space between them so that the hand passes and you can take what you need," explains Pía Nieto.

Drawers Knagglig, from Ikea (€ 7 and € 10).

A manual for "Organizing your home"

The Manual to organize your home, de Pía Nieto -expert in optimizing domestic spaces-, is a guide to get the most out of the kitchen and the rest of the house

Buy it here 19,95 €