Juju Hats! No, it's not a spell, it's the new decoration hit

Juju Hats! No, it's not a spell, it's the new decoration hit

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At first glance you might think that it is simply ornaments, but the juju hats they come from the Bamileke tribes of Cameroon, where they use them as part of their dances and rituals to slam the evil spirits. And although nobody likes bad vibes to run at home, the purpose of juju hats that have revolutionized the deco world lately, is none other than that of add an exotic touch to the atmosphere. There are bigger, smaller, in neutral, bright colors ... Come on, they adapt to everything!

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If you want to turn it into a work of art worthy of MoMa, frame it and place it in the middle of the room!

Pinterest: Elena Carbonell


One of the colors that will triumph this summer ... Don't you feel like wearing your swimsuit?

Pinterest: Elegant & Coastal

In the bedroom

Above the headboard and with a lot of glamor!

Pinterest: Angels


In coppery tone on a white background, simply great!

Pinterest: Lili

With personality

The land and the sea represented in some juju hats full of character. Would you put them in your house?

Pinterest: Patricia Fabian


In pink and white tones, perfect for a feminine corner only suitable for fashionistas!

Pinterest: Carmen Barbeyto

Rustic Chic

The rustic chic It is a style that is always cozy, but if you add a juju hat in cream tones, it will look very elegant!

Pinterest: Ivana Rosario Mylittlethings

Vitamins deco

Thanks to these precious juju hats, the dining room is full of energy and vitality. Party!

Pinterest: Marlène Hennebert

Pure art

Made with feathers in plan collage, a marvel! It would look great in the bedroom of the little one, don't you think?

Pinterest: Fatima Novas Alemany


A deco style as cheerful as the Mexican, will combine very well with a juju hat Passion-red.

Pinterest: Sánchez María


If you want to get an environment boho chic Dreamy, you just need these juju hats In earth tones.

Pinterest: Ana López


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