The order gurus give interesting tips for you to make the closet change successfully

The order gurus give interesting tips for you to make the closet change successfully

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12 Great ideas to make the closet change At home with a certain order. Do not be lazy to mess with a cleaning of your closet, in this photo gallery you will find the best tips to carry out your closet change successfully and without complications.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Empty, clean, separate and save

Take out the winter clothes, Spread it on the bed and classify it by categories: jackets, sweaters, dresses ...

Take the opportunity to clean the closet and "renew stagnant energy," as suggested by the coach the organisation Naughty Vanesa, from

If you don't have much space at home to store warm clothes, he values ​​the option of an urban storage room, like the ones OhMyBox has! in Barcelona.

2 By parts

Take advantage of the upper area of ​​the cabinets to store bedspreads, blankets and quilts in cloth boxes. Placing the summer clothes by colors can help you, but "the order does not have to be perfect, just functional" ensures Vanesa Naughty, from

Do you need more shelves than hangers in your closet? The modular system Platsa, from Ikea, allows you to adapt it according to your needs (€ 322).

Be a forecaster: One of the effects of climate change is that the seasons no longer occur with the temperatures and humidity level of before. Sudden drops in temperature, windy days and rains can surprise you in summer. Leave some warm clothes on hand, and lighter ones when autumn comes.

3 Lift the lid and surprise!

Winter clothes bulge more. If you have little closet space, get multifunctional furniture, such as this footrest that serves as a seat, side table and drawer. Enter the garments, in organizers or boxes.

To buy

Footrest with storage Kivic, from Ikea (€ 129).

4 Blessed organizers

The accessories also have seasons ... An option to find just that you want, is to place a jeweler on the dresser, as advised Mar Vidal, the expert in order of @lacasademarordenydeco.

But you can also use wall organizers that hang behind the door, boxes and dividers for the interior of drawers, such as those of Ikea, Home Order, Muji or Schmidt, where is the dressing detail that appears in the image. Use them also with belts and scarves.

5 Good vibes

Maybe you keep the socks in pairs and wrapped around themselves like a ball. If you want to see them better and last longer, fold each one in half and keep them standing in the drawer with dividers. Or roll them up as if you were making sushi and place them vertically, so that you see the spiral.


6 Custom furniture ... with head

Who was going to tell you that the headboard of a bed can give for so much? The one in the image, in addition to separating environments in the bedroom, serves as a bedside table and extra closet.

It is a custom design by Schmidt, with white door cabinets in finish Everest in its back -to store clothes of another season- and shelves with the interior lacquered in color Emerald. You can customize the width, height and depth.

7 Order in the room

From its well-known Casa Bambú website, the professional organizer Alejandrina Valle It is advisable to store the clothes of another season in several transparent boxes perfectly labeled. If you like autumn and winter clothes to remain perfect, the fabric softener Revive Floral, de Flor, has a formula with Pro-Keratin that protects the fibers of the tissue and prevents the formation of balls.

Remember: Try to clean and iron winter clothes before storing, he advises the professional organizer Mar Vidal, from La Casa de Mar: Orden y Deco. This way you will avoid finding a forgotten sweater in the laundry basket or on the shelf waiting for an iron. Take the opportunity to review buttons and descosidos. /

8 Exhibition look

Open cupboards, donkey type, are practical because you know what accounts at a glance. "What you don't see doesn't exist," he says. the guru of the order Mar Vidal. Both she and Alejandrina Valle, from Casa Bambú Order, they are box forofas Skubb to keep the complements in order every season. Storage system Elvarly (from € 258 3 posts). From Ikea.

TIDOVERE: It is the method Mar Vidal advises before storing clothes: TIAR, DOnar, REcycle and Sell. And how do you know what clothes to discard? Place the hanger instead of in, out. If at the end of the season it is the other way around, TIDOREVE. Don't keep "just in case," practice conscious discarding, says Vanesa Naughty.

9 Store vertically

Do you still stack your shirts in the drawers? Surely you've heard of KonMari method, with which Marie Kondo has revolutionized order in closets. Like her, her Spanish disciple Vanesa Naughty advises to fold vertically, even jeans, to save space and facilitate viewing. Test it!

To buy 20,80 €

All the secrets of the KonMari method (box edition: The magic of order Happiness after order).

10 One garment per hanger

It is what is recommended to locate at a glance where each one is.

If the hangers are the same, you will achieve a sense of order; and, if you add flavored sachets, you will prolong the cleaning one.

When you take off your summer clothes, analyze it and hang only the one you are sure to wear this year.


11 What do I do with the bags?

You have already taken out your carrycot and you have to remove the big winter bags but where and in what way?

The different organizers say: one inside the other, with the straps on the outside to locate them at the first, points out Marie Kondo; stored vertically, inside a box without a lid, suggests Mar Vidal; or in a space created for them, as Vanesa Naughty indicates. How about some wall racks?

To buy 19,69 €

Round wall hooks, on


12 Bye bye, boots

Winter shoes can be banished to the heights of cabinets, shoemakers or furniture with storage capacity.

A practical idea? This bank that, below, has discreetly hidden shelves by doors. Optimize the space with wedges or small organizers that allow you to place a pair in a single unit, such as


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