A house of 90 m² diaphanous and very bright

A house of 90 m² diaphanous and very bright

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Spain Advertising - Read on below 1 Simple and elegant Spain

Getting more light and spaciousness were the basic objectives of the owners of this house, located in a residential area of ​​Fuengirola (Málaga). To achieve this, the decorator Gabriel Pérez Estrada, architect of the reform, used different resources that also help enhance the sense of perspective. The living room was decorated with a leather sofa and two Barcelona-style footrests, from La Oca. To cheer him up, round coral cushions were placed. What idea! The wall that overlooks the terrace was replaced by a glass enclosure with wooden profiles to gain much more luminosity.

2 linked areas Spain

The living room and dining room share space. To avoid visual interruptions, the latter leaned against the wall and a glass table, from El Corte Inglés, was placed in the living room. What idea! In this wall two openings were opened, to allow clarity to enter the kitchen. The one in the center also works as a dishwasher.

3 Super practical! Spain

The dining room was located next to the plate and was equipped with very light pieces of steel. The lamp, with the curved foot, illuminates the dishes without dazzling. What idea! White flying shelves were placed next to the pillar, the best option for not reloading the space.

4 Distribution in L Spain

As the kitchen was very narrow, the furniture was arranged. It was chosen in ivory color and with discreet inlay handles. Decorative bell, from Siemens. What idea! The central opening was extended to the side so that the corridor gained light and created a sense of visual amplitude.

5 The kitchen Spain

The sink, first, was embedded in a Silestone countertop. In the background, the column of ovens and the refrigerator.

6 dreams Spain

The white, predominant in the main room, was animated with accessories in citrus tones, such as cushions and blankets, both from Zara Home. What idea! To protect the wall, an elegant white leather headboard was used, from Mandrake Decoration, which is very soft.

7 The toilet, like a mini spa Spain

The style of the spas was recreated with a blue gresite and a border of the same tone, by Leroy Merlin. As the space was small, the sink was placed on a flown glass top, which gives a feeling of lightness. Griffin, from Porcelanosa. To gain meters in the tiny bathroom, an exempt sink was placed on a blown tempered glass countertop.

8 Open to the outside Spain

The 90 m2 are divided between the living room, the kitchen -open to this- two bedrooms -the main one with bathroom-, a toilet and a terrace with dining room. How much?

-Fresite model Sky Blue Fog, 2.5x2.5 cm, in Leroy Merlin: Price / mesh € 16.30

-Blashed glass vanity top, measures 100x50 cm: Price approx. € 200

- Polished Silestone countertop, 3 cm straight edge, tuft included, for sale in Lof kitchens: Price / m from € 203

-Pasaplatos to communicate the kitchen with the living room: Price approx. € 300

-Blaid skirt, Lack model, measures 110x26 cm, for sale in Ikea: Price € 14.99