Clues to have the perfect closet in the bathroom

Clues to have the perfect closet in the bathroom

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If every time you open the linen closet you would rather not have done it, something fails. Reserve a few hours to empty and clean it. Next, separate what you no longer use and donate it; Finally, order the games well stacked and put into practice the tricks we give you on these pages so that its interior is impeccable. Basic in every closet of this type: rotation. Surely you have favorite pieces among the household clothes, but you must alternate them to use everything, and so your favorites will not suffer so much wear.

Order well and take less

Never store dirty household clothes. The pale spots that remained on the tablecloth after washing do not disappear by themselves; on the contrary, they harden over time, while stored. Therefore, be sure to remove the stain, and then, the household linen will be ready to deposit in the closet.

Make sure everything is very dry. When the clothes are wet, they increase the level of humidity inside the closet, the folds are marked more and even mold spots may appear.

To aromatize the clothes, place a tangerine punctured with spice cloves in the closet. You can also put an open box with baking soda or cloth bags with chalk or with pieces of activated carbon inside (new bags are usually included in small bags that you can use). If you store household clothes in drawers, put bay leaves to get, in addition to a pleasant aroma, an anti-moth resource. Also scented sachets with lavender flowers, thyme ...
Infallible trick. Store all bedding together after ironing. Two options, place it inside the pillowcase or fold the countertop sheet in thirds, so that it serves as an envelope or a package, to wrap the rest of the pieces with it.

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Whether you store your household clothes in an exempt closet, like this one in the photo, or in a built-in closet, your enemies are the bad smell, the humidity and the mold. Fresh, dark and dry, so should be the place where you put sheets, comforters, bedspreads, pillows ... If you live in a humid area, put a dehumidifier.

Cloth bag for clothes

Bags, Eco and Low-cost. Cloth, linen and cotton, are ideal for storing the bedding of another season, so they will not smell closed when you need it. You can buy them, but also make them at home by recycling bedding that you no longer use and knotting them with a cord of trimmings. Remember to identify your content with tags.

Chrome baskets

Store containers and washing and ironing products in beautiful containers. It is only necessary to place labels to know immediately what they contain; so they are hidden and the interior of the closet looks ideal. Paper craft labels, at Chrome baskets: no cover, can be found in Ikea, and to hang from a shelf, in Bauhaus (€ 13.65).

Plain or decorated ribbon

Get that sheets, towels and tablecloths have the same air of luxe as that of the household clothes of the shop windows. Stacked and knotted with plain or decorated ribbon, they will look like gifts! A detail vintage, as practical as decorative: the label holders for boxes and drawers, which indicate whether the bed set is single or double. Ribbons, in El Corte Inglés and Ikea.

Polished Metal Trays

Use a tray to organize them in style and they will look like authentic hotel amenities. Test with polished and aged metal trays. Look for them in Zara Home and on the websites of Lene Bjerre and Nordal.

Inverted brackets

The cabinets usually have diaphanous shelves and an interior without interest. How to renew it without changing it? In addition to the above ideas, you can create divisions with inverted, screwed or glued brackets. Decorations with ornaments of the artistic forge are a plus of style. Similar square, model Butterfly, in Leroy Merlin (€ 11.95).

Boxes, baskets and trays

In boxes, baskets and trays, allies of the order, they facilitate access to the clothes located in the upper and lower shelves, and not so much in the intermediate ones.

Glass containers

If you like to present the grooming products well for your guests, reserve a cupboard hole to have these details always at hand.


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