The transformation of a kitchen into a modern, functional and familiar space

The transformation of a kitchen into a modern, functional and familiar space

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Miriam Yeleq

This more old-fashioned kitchen cannot be: furniture with handles, in the purest style of the 90's. And the wall and floor covering? The color, outdated and boring.

Now, in the new kitchen you don't just stew or eat. It is also a space for the family, where they talk, study or play with children. He has gained in beauty and has gained a broader sense of multifunctional space.

Miriam Yeleq

Perimeter layout. The furniture has been organized in an inverted "U" shape, with the cooking zone in the center and the sink and a work surface on the sides. That block of white cabinets and countertop gives greater sensation of neatness.

Stack under the window. It was located in this location to enjoy natural luminosity when preparing food. In the center of the space and oriented towards the light, the dining table for four was installed.

Mix of coatings. Instead of the classic tiling, a practical glass front has been installed on the walls between the upper and lower cabinets. It is a cheap solution that provides more luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness. The pavement has also been replaced by a porcelain cement tile floor, from the firm Grespania.



Nordic style Wood and light colors, furniture with simple lines ... Scandinavian inspiration is very present in the decoration.

Mbicolor uebles. The cabinets up to the ceiling, offer large storage capacity. Its chestnut finish provides a warm atmosphere and offers a striking contrast to the lower line of furniture, in white lacquer, topped by countertop Zeus white, from Silestone.

Miriam Yeleq

Doors without handles. The folding openings of the top modules and the gola system in drawers are current and very comfortable.

Miriam Yeleq

What a transformation !: Two wardrobe fronts have been placed, each in a different color, and a newspaper dining room with a light wood table and black chairs has been installed. A network lamp completes a look super current.

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