Formerly an old office, now a beautiful 30-meter apartment

Formerly an old office, now a beautiful 30-meter apartment

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José Chás

Turning a sad office into a brighter apartment is the great achievement of the reform and interior design project of this apartment. The architects, Cristina Alcalá and Rosina Celada, founders of Abracadabra Decor, a company that offers home staging, comprehensive renovation and decoration services. This house is the first radical change they faced. "The owners wanted to turn this space into a tourist rental apartment in Madrid," they tell us. "They gave us a carte blanche for everything, with the only requirement of achieving exceptional and unique housing right in the center of the city."

And with this objective, Cristina and Rosina got underway getting a really spectacular result.

In the decoration of the living room, as in the rest of the house, current style furniture was combined with old pieces, to create environments with character and personality.

The sofas and the coffee table are from Maisons du Monde; the jute carpet, from El Corte Inglés, and the ceiling lamp, from Ikea. The ficus, by Casaplanta. José Chás

The general lighting was resolved with a careful selection of ceiling lamps, of different designs and hung at different heights.

In the living room, a surface model; in the kitchen, a Louis Poulsen design, and in the hall, two pieces of old orange glass. José Chás

A folding opening enclosure separates the living room from the bedroom. Curtains inside allow more privacy to the space.

José Chás


The apartment had several drawbacks: the first, its small size, because it only measures 35 m2; and the second, it was very dark. With two windows that overlook the street, and two others, to an interior courtyard, the design of the new distribution sought to create spaciousness and more luminosity. To achieve this, partitions were thrown and environments were unified. Thus, the hall communicates directly with the kitchen, open to the living room.

Access to housing directly leads to the large social area, with the kitchen open to the living room.

To visually delimit the entrance, the wall of the hall was decorated with a paper stamped in green tones, by Leroy Merlin. This color, also present in different details of the kitchen, stands as a conductive thread. José Chás

The Abracadabra Decor team chose to allocate the most natural part of the house to the common area, although it shares space with the master bedroom. The objective was to create a totally independent room, which also received the light coming from the main facade. How was it solved?

Between both rooms, a glazed enclosure was installed that lets in natural light and allows the environment to be ventilated.

The decoration of the bedroom was based on a neutral base, to which color strokes were added.

The headboard, in gray-painted wood, is an old restored piece; the sconces, by Cosme & Son; Zara Home bedside tables and bed linen were purchased at Casa Alvarinho. José Chás

The part of the house that overlooks the inner courtyard was used for a second room and a bathroom, each with its window.


Obviously, in the case of a comprehensive reform, facilities and coatings were also renovated. Floor was installed on the floor of the whole house, except in the bathroom, where a porcelain tile was placed. "The bathroom, which measures just over 2 m2, It was not easy. Therefore, to make it look, we do not spare when choosing the materials. A floor that imitates imitation hydraulic tile, a washbasin cabinet finished in segmental oak, the lamps with original crystals from the 30s ... ", Cristina and Rosina explain. The walls were painted white, although in the hall this finish alternated with a wallpaper with vegetal motifs that breaks the monotony and brings dynamism to the decoration.

Distributing the furniture in a front allowed to locate a dining area in the center of the kitchen. José Chás The Abracadabra Decor team, responsible for the reform and decoration of this apartment, did not take any centimeter for lost. Thus, the entrance of the wall that gives access to the kitchen was used with a green cupboard, by Maisons du Monde that, in addition to offering storage space, decorates. José Chás


Carpentry is one of the elements that give housing a special character. Not only the industrial-style enclosure that makes the living room of the master bedroom independent, but also the doors of the rest of the house. These, which come from demolitions, are of different woods: some of chestnut and others of pine tea. The interior design team
He restored them with great care so that they all presented the same finish. "When we chose them, each one was one color!" They tell us.


The decoration was also key to fulfill the desire of the owners to get a home with identity. Once defined a background of white walls and wooden floor, easy to fit with any proposal, Cristina and Rosina opted for a super dynamic deco, with modern style furniture, inspirational designs vintage and old pieces recovered. As for textiles, they were chosen in neutral tones
animated smooth with details that put the touch of color.

In the smallest room a second bedroom was created, with a bed attached to the wall and a Nordic style bedside table with a point vintage.

José Chás

The bathroom was completely renovated, with a cabinet of refined lines, of the signature Bath, and vintage air coverings. The walls were covered with a subway tile base and hydraulic floor tiles were chosen for the floor.

Hydraulic tiles, from Vives José Chás

The entrance of natural light marked the distribution of this floor of 35 m2. Thus, the day area, with the living room, dining room and kitchen, was located between the two windows that overlook the street. Next to being and separated by a glazed enclosure, the master bedroom was located. The other end of the house, facing an inner courtyard, was used for a second room and a bathroom.

José Chás

Furniture to copy the style:

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