Details of the perfect kitchen

Details of the perfect kitchen

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They take vintage motifs, the mix of styles, ceramics ... But not only decorating your kitchen feeds. If you want it to become a space ten, take care of details such as recycling and energy savings - use the right appliances for it, such as Samsung's new refrigerator, which offers five "modes" to adapt to the needs of each moment: normal, energy saving, holidays, maxifrigo and minifrigo-. High technology and effectiveness at the service of your home.

To this, add a "green" corner, a blackboard to make the shopping list, baskets to order and store ... "pampering" that make your kitchen a perfect space to cook, to be, to eat ... to live! Come with us and take good note of our essential list.

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The choice of the right refrigerator gains importance if we add to the technological and energy factors the decorative ones. Samsung's new refrigerators, with pure and elegant lines, are perfectly integrated into the decoration. It gives faith of it the space of Samsung in Casa Decor, created by the interior designer and decorator Guille García-Hoz. Straight and perfect lines in perfect harmony with the rustic air.

Blackboard: a practical idea

Small, medium, large ... The boards are carried and practical: for the shopping list, to leave errands, to draw ... If you dare, take advantage of a whole wall, smooth, and give the painting "slate effect". It does not take up space and you can point and draw absolutely everything. In addition, it gives a very modern and functional air.

Vintage turquoise

Turn your kitchen into a vintage "piece" with two details: the lamp and a turquoise wall. To achieve the perfect effect, "abuse" the white in furniture and floors or look for the stripped effect in one of the chairs or the table.

The perfect fridge

By capacity and benefits. Do not give up one thing for the other. There is already the refrigerator with all the features you want. It is from Samsung and, among other things, refrigerates each of the compartments separately, the smells do not mix and offers 70% humidity to keep the products fresh longer.

All in order

Forget drawers and curtains: use the shelves for the pots - it will give you a greater sense of space. If you order everything well, it will be very colorful. Use baskets for the smallest things, they give an air between rustic and modern.

To recycle

Cardboard, paper, organic waste, glass ... How and where do I recycle? There are more and more solutions: modern, practical and hygienic. This one is from Brabantia and it involves several buckets on a rail that allow you to easily remove them. It is a perfect system to place on low furniture 60 cm deep.

Five in one

With SpaceMax ™ technology you will have more space inside your Samsung refrigerator without increasing the dimensions. With a capacity of up to 620 liters net, it is a refrigerator that adapts to your needs: you can play with its compartments and, thanks to its five modes, you can turn the freezer into a refrigerator - very useful, for example, a day that you have guests and you need to have more food than the usual list and fresh drinks-, you can turn off one of the two parts to save energy ... A totally flexible storage with the modes "holiday", "energy saving", "normal", "maxifrigo" and "minifrigo".

Blue ceramics: eternal elegance

Give a point of freshness and elegance to your kitchen with ceramics (you can put it only in one part, so as not to overload the space). The classic mix of white and blue - these are from Fabresa - is renewed and brings a thousand shapes that blend together. Traditional and rustic airs that, however, suggest modernity. Geometries, flowers ... combinations -a priori impossible for a corner full of life.

Take things from the lounge

Yes, as you read it. Now you dare? Look at this sink; with some details, a flexo, some candles ... it has become a very original corner. Mirrors, shelves with books ... nothing left in your kitchen if you know how to combine it.

Green, I love you ...

They don't go out of style. Plants always decorate, give color and a fresh and natural air. Take advantage of any shelf to make a "mini garden" in which to have aromatic herbs on hand for your stews and drinks.

Put a retro piece in your life

Jars, cans, glasses, a scale, jugs, a bread basket ... An old piece recovered in any corner is enough to show good taste. A resource that never fails.


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