Some mattresses to sleep in the clouds

Some mattresses to sleep in the clouds

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Is there anything more comforting than getting home after a (long) day of work and lying in bed? Well, if the mattress is not adequate, the experience is probably not very pleasant ... But if it is one of those mattresses that seem to have been created especially to adapt to the needs of your body, and that manage to take you to Morpheus in less than two minutes, then the moment could not be more perfect!

And is that many times we make the mistake of choosing mattresses quickly and running, or worse, without trying them! Something that IKEA is fully aware of, and that's why they offer you a period of 365 days to return your mattress if it doesn't convince you, and a 25-year warranty. In addition, you will find models of all sizes, both Spanish and European standards, or even the new extra large size of 180x200 cm.

So ... Before you go shopping, why don't you take a few minutes to find out what is your ideal mattress?

Advertising - Keep reading below Say goodbye to stress

Everyday tensions are always reflected in the body, and if you add anxiety problems to this, a mattress with a firm surface of viscoelastic foam such as the HYLLESTAD model will come with pearls to relieve muscle pressures. Because in addition, thanks to the pocket springs that work independently to adapt to your body, you will receive support in the area you need, and that will result in waking up happier every morning than a cup of Mr. Wonderful!

Right on

If you do not tend to spend neither cold nor hot, the MYRBACKA mattress is ideal, because thanks to its filling with lamb wool it will maintain a uniform temperature during the night. Come on, you will not need to have the arsenal of blankets on hand just in case ... In addition, it includes 5 specific comfort zones to relieve tension in shoulders and hips.

For the kids in the house

The foam mattresses (without latex) like the MALFORS model are great for the children's bedroom since they are thinner, and if you need it, you can place one on top of the other! In addition, if any of your friends stays to sleep you can improvise a bed easily.

The temple of relax

Can you imagine a mattress that is able to improve blood circulation and relax with the same intensity as five alpine lime? As it exists and it is called MJÖNDALEN, so if you suffer from "frozen feet", its viscoelastic foam will become the best remedy ... In addition, it is not necessary to turn around, because it has been designed to be used only on one side.


If you have trouble keeping your spine straight, we have the solution! And no, it's not that you wear a corset ... Because the HERÖY mattress will help you get it thanks to its pocket springs. In addition, as it includes an elastic fabric at the top, you can move whatever you want, which he will take care of adapting to your body!

Light as a feather

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to store mattress when you do not need it, the MATRAND model will enchant you, and thanks to its winding system it will fit perfectly in any corner of the closet. But that's not all, because being made of latex it will mold to your body and help you relieve muscle tension.

Pure comfort

You still haven't been introduced to the Bonnell brothers? They are some of the most beautiful springs that will be in charge of providing you with a complete support (and rest) of the body. If you want to meet them, you will find them on the GERESTA mattress.


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