A very bright and current duplex

A very bright and current duplex

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Central and newly built, in this duplex highlights the abundant natural light, that flows inside without encountering obstacles. Its ground floor, diaphanous, conducts luminosity in all directions and its distribution implies a change of mentality. The house is accessed through the kitchen. This decision was made because the space destined for entry is irregular; but on one of its walls a small hall was arranged for use, with very well adapted furniture.

The location of the kitchen, so close to the only access door to the house, without any partition between the two, determined its design of smooth fronts, mimicked with white walls. But above all, the projection of a peninsula of ultra-cleansed aesthetics, a key element to create the necessary separation between the hall and the work area. Through a wide passage area you reach the living area, chaired by a sofa with chaise longue, accompanied by two armchairs.

A set that, due to its chromatic intensity, acquires more relief in a decorative project where white and clear flooring make up a uniform scenario, almost neutral Near them, a white steel staircase with wooden steps starts, leading to the upper floor. The distribution in this one is simplified to the maximum: a corridor corridor that communicates two extremes: the dining room, located in front of the glazed facade, and the bedroom, located inside, quieter, which has a separate dressing room and bathroom .

Advertising - Keep reading under Hall with vintage air

Two tables of different height and two mirrors with different shapes energize The decoration in the hall. The original composition is a foretaste of the environments with their own style created in the house.
Reno furniture, lamp and mirrors. Apple, designed by Rubenimichi, acquired at La Fresh Gallery. Vase, from L.A. Studio

Receiver without symmetry

An octagonal mirror and a rectangular mirror form a charming couple. A risky bet that Customize the decoration. A success!
The mirrors and the lamp are from Reno.

Duplex with perspective

The newly built house was projected with two floors and large windows. To emphasize in the area of ​​being the relief that the furniture acquires for its chromatic contrast with the immaculate environment. And on the right, mimetized with the walls, a smooth front of cabinets, from floor to ceiling, that enhances natural light and offers an extra storage space.
Armchairs: in brown leather, model Barcelona, ​​by L.A. Studio, and upholstered, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Cushions, from the latter firm and from Non Vacui.

Loft essence

A blank pillar and the loft Essence of blown steps, in steel and wood, harmonize with the overall aesthetics of housing.
Armchair, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Coffee table and sideboard, by Muebles Gracia. Crystal vases, from L.A. Studio

Author Design

The living area gains visual interest with the presence of the famous Barcelona chair, created by the architect Mies Van der Rohe in 1929. Steel and leather in capitone, his style is indisputable.
Chair and vases, from L.A. Studio Table, from Gracia Furniture.

The entrance, through the kitchen

The irregular plant was optimized with a Uncommon distribution, but very functional. In it the vintage furniture of the hall and the kitchen were located, although each room retains its own space and identity.
Kitchen designed by Artificio, on parallel fronts.

A hall in the kitchen

The entrance, with the access door, yellow and with a chrome bar It is separated from the kitchen by a peninsula, which houses the sink, key to differentiate the spaces.

Dining room with character

In this environment of the top floor, with glass wall on birch carpentry, highlights the Modern furniture design. The combination of steel and glass, the red-black contrast and the carpet as a link between the pieces, is a lesson in style.
Mesa, from La Oca. Bernhard chairs, from Ikea. Centerpiece, blue siphon and carpet, by L.A. Studio

Corridor upstairs

Communicate the dining room with the bedroom and receive abundant natural light from the first environment, since the only wall that separates it from the windows is transparent glass.

A sophisticated dining table

The glass allows to appreciate the steel structure of the dining room table, which is spectacular. The combination with the chairs with skate legs and toned with the carpet, Raise the decorative level.
Bureau Bureau (€ 375 in La Oca). Ikea chairs.

Oriental inspired bedroom

Around the tatami revolve the rest of the pieces in the bedroom, which form a Asymmetric, free and dynamic composition.
Futon and tatami, from Futonia. Cushions, quilt and blanket, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Baúl, from Asia Muebles. Leather and pig bank, from Batavia. Vases, from L.A. Studio Illustrations of deer and horses, by Gorka Olmo; and purple screen printing, by Sanna Annukkae; all framed in Checkered.

Original pieces decorate the bedroom

In the foreground, a pig figure, from Batavia, with pink print puts the originality note in the bedroom. The black strokes on the cushions harmonize with the trunk at the foot of the bed.
Bedding, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera.

Clean design in the bathroom

The white-black duo stars in the decoration of the bathroom, where the suspended washbasin cabinet and the maxi spray stand out. The large format mirror and the transparent screen give the space more brightness and visual amplitude. The sink and countertop are a single piece, without joints, which rests on a suspended piece of furniture, equipped with a single drawer. The result, refined aesthetics.
Cindy lamp, copper effect, by Kartell. Wall light by Vibia. The multicolored carpet was purchased in Tanzania.

House plan and ideas

- In this duplex, abundant natural light is everything. It is enhanced with white walls, a clear platform with a wide board and the absence of partitions. The decoration, based on the mix of vintage pieces, and the upholstery in warm tones in contrast make the total white look stand out even more.

- The solution given to the distribution on the ground floor, conditioned by the irregular floor next to the entrance to the house, is a success. The gap behind the access door was optimized with a bathroom, and the adjoining wall, in chamfer, with a hall to use. In front of it, the space is already regular, ideal to be equipped with kitchen furniture.

- Homogeneity in tones and materials, key to give a feeling of greater amplitude, it is interrupted with focus of visual attention, such as furniture and vintage details and upholstery in the living room; the fusion of red-black-steel in the dining room; and asymmetric decoration around the tatami in the bedroom.


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