The beautiful bathroom of a cottage

The beautiful bathroom of a cottage

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Designer Gesa Hansen, who collaborates with the firm Villeroy & Boch creating color concepts for sinks and kitchen sinks, has chosen to give her bathroom a bicolor touch in white and blue to give the new space a look Classic, elegant and timeless.


In cottages or rehabilitated buildings, a retro-style bathroom fits perfectly. Taps and sanitary designs that recreate original models combine functionality and beauty.

In this case the model washbasins were chosen Hommage and the oval bathtub Cetus, both of the firm Villeroy & Boch, which have a classic design that adapts perfectly to the house.


The spirit of the nineteenth century that defines the house is very present in this stately air bath. A classic space where, in contrast, it has opted for functional furniture, with straight lines; As an example, the shelf shelves.

Shelving designed by Gesa Hansen herself.

The bidet was placed next to the bookcase followed by an oval bathtub where the designer relaxes and her children have fun. At the top of the wall, clad in white slats, a generous coat rack is used to hang towels and bathrobes.

To protect the privacy of the toilets without subtracting natural light, some walls were made with shelves without backs, which are also very useful for storage.

Cetus bathtub, by Villeroy & Boch.

Vintage faucet

Similar to that of the washbasins and the bidet, the bathtub faucet stands out for its retro design with curved shapes and blade handles. A marble tray, to leave the soaps, rests at the head of the bathtub while candlesticks and vases are arranged at the foot.

TRAY Infographic

DRESSING TABLE. To make the stay in the bathroom more comfortable and facilitate its use by more than one person, two identical washbasins were placed embedded in a light and resistant worktop. Under them a shelf has been arranged, to organize baskets with cosmetics and towels.

BATHTUB. Under the window and just in front of the entrance door the bathtub was installed, which occupies the entire wall, and from which you can enjoy the landscape while taking a relaxing foam bath.

STORAGE. A wall with shelves without back protects the privacy of the toilets that, thanks to this element, are hidden from view from the access door to the bathroom.

Pieces to imitate the romantic style of the bathroom.


Its design transports you to the 20s. Apply mini wall-mounted globe, in chrome and hand-blown glass, from (€ 342).

basket TWO IN ONE

Do you want your interior to look or not? The sea reed basket Flådis, of Ikea, unfolds or folds, as you wish (€ 10).


Cover the walls of the bathroom with wood to give it warmth. PVC frieze in Irish oak finish, Grosfillex signature (€ 24.07 / m2).


With flat or double blade lever like this unique tap model. Basin battery Allure in chrome finish, from Grohe (€ 807).

Aged METAL jewelry box

Use it as a jewelry box or to store makeup remover discs. Retro glass box (€ 15.91); from

PORCELAIN washbasin

White remains the king and the designs soften. Countertop semi-recessed washbasin The Gap, de Roca (€ 77.44 / without tap).

soap dish A BASIC

They take the textures that are not what they seem ... Soap dish with stone effect of the collection Botany, from Primark (€ 4).

candle scented candle

Having one on hand is essential for your relaxation sessions.

Scented soy wax candle, at (€ 19.95).


Decorate with plants also in the bathroom; that of the image, artificial and hanging, is from the collection Botany, from Primark (€ 4).


Relax with its essential oils of orange and patchouli. Eau de cologne Néroli Pur Eden, for sale in Carrefour (€ 10/250 ml).