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Lorena Canals Roura

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How did it happen to make carpets that are washed at home? Natural way. When my daughters were young, I thought it was very expensive to use the dry cleaners and asked myself: Are there washable rugs? If so, I will buy one! But it turned out they didn't exist, so I decided to make them myself.

What do you get inspired to create your designs? In everything, I see carpets on all sides.

What do carpets contribute to the decoration of a house? Warmth, trend and comfort. I think a room is not finished if one is missing.

And, is there anything you need to start the day right? A call to my factory in India. Our carpets are manufactured there, by hand, one by one; from the purchase of cotton, through dyeing, weaving, working the details, quality control ...

Something to help you disconnect ... Pick up shells on the beach.

And finally, happiness is ... Fulfill your dreams! I'm on it…

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The designer and founder of the company that bears her name, which specializes in washable rugs.

She defines herself as "a designer with a businesswoman's soul".

Washable rugs

What is special about it? They make moms and dads a lot easier every day, because their care is very simple and so they can devote time to what really matters. On the other hand, the love and enthusiasm we put on each of our carpets, the quality / price ratio ...


The team that forms Lorena Canals is ... . Enthusiast, fan of our product and above all, he wants all the mothers to discover it.

Schooling of children

You also have another project there, right? Yes. Since 2008 we have carried out a social project called Sakûla Project, with which we help the schooling of children, and we have built a nursery so that those in the street have a place to receive the necessary education.

Coves of Costa Brava

A landscape that makes you fall in love. The coves of the Costa Brava; I run away whenever I can.


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