8 perfect destinations to live the fall

8 perfect destinations to live the fall

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If you have had to log out of your Instagram account to stop seeing (with healthy envy) the photos of your friends on the beach while you were getting chic at the office, you can stop suffering, because your turn has come! And is that Going on vacation in autumn has many advantages: as for example, that everything is cheaper. Enough reason, don't you think? Let's see what are the most desirable destinations for this era!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Hotel Hyperion, Switzerland Booking

If you like heights, the Hyperion hotel is located in the highest habitable building in Basel. But in addition, the accommodation includes sauna, fitness room, two bars and a restaurant. And it is found a few steps from the historic center!

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2 Hotel Motel One Wien-Hauptbahnhof, Vienna Booking

Only 10-minute walk to Belvedere Palacelocated next to the main train station in Vienna, this hotel is famous for the comfort of its rooms and the absence of noise. Come on, if you have insomnia problems, you may find the cure here.

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3 Chalets Alpins, Canada Booking

Canada is the dream destination for nature lovers, but to make the experience more authentic, nothing better than a accommodation in the mountains like this chalet with great detail. When you see the jacuzzi you will book without thinking…

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4 Geography Apart-Hotel, St. Petersburg Booking

East apart-hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg It has everything you need to spend unforgettable days. In addition to his modern and flirty design, and its proximity to the city center, complimentary items will make you want to stay and live in it.

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5 Relais12bis B&B By Eiffel Tower, Paris Booking

Paris, the city that falls in love in the rain ... Don't you think it's the perfect destination for autumn? Especially if you stay in this bed and breakfast 500 meters from the Eiffel Tower, in which every afternoon they serve a free buffet with cakes and drinks.

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6 Hotel Grandior, Prague Booking

The Czech Republic is another of the most coveted European destinations, and this Prague city center hotel with sauna and spa It is perfect to wander through its historic streets after a night of total rest.

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7 Hotel Swissotel Tallinn, Tallinn Booking

Once again, a hotel built in the tallest building in the city. The Swissotel Tallinn It is located in the center, surrounded by monuments, shops, restaurants and bars, and is that one of its strengths, definitely, are the views.

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8 Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza, Helsinki Booking

Built in 1917 and located next to Kaisaniemi Park, 150 meters from Helsinki Central Station, This hotel with modern rooms houses the Plaza restaurant, ideal to taste the best cuisine in the area.

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