The work corner dreamed by crafters

The work corner dreamed by crafters

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Attention crafters Y makers, this is your new workshop. Or said in Spanish… Handyman from all over the world, you can hallucinate with this new corner of work or get hold of it.

It's a bookcase, it's a closet ... it's your craft super shop. This shelf expands to become a complete workshop for any type of crafts or sewing.

For the little space it occupies you can put it in almost any room in the house.

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Do you like to sit or stand while you craft? With the DreamBox you can do both! . #makersgonnamake #crafttherainbow #waketomake #craftbuzz #createmakeshare #handmademovement #creatorslane #livecreatively #createeveryday #creativityfound

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It is only for sale here: for the modest price of 2.199 €

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Here's to the best year yet! We are excited to announce we are officially offering free shipping on all orders over $ 1400 in the continental USA! Someone Tag someone who loves free shipping! timelessdesigns #gorgeousfurniture #creativedays #artisticvibes #arttoday #artfurniture #storagesolutions #organizedlife #craftorganizer #uniquelyyourstyle #furnituregoals

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