A century-old apartment renovated with love and respect

A century-old apartment renovated with love and respect

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On Trafalgar Street, the border that divides the Eixample and the Ciutat Vella of Barcelona, ​​we discover a very peculiar building, designed and built by Joan Torras, a reference in the architecture and engineering of Spain that had as architects students such as Antoni Gaudí, Elías Rogent or Augusto Font Carreras. The property, built in 1900, and with an elongated floor covered by a courtyard that gives it the appearance of a passage, "is part of one of the blocks built on the land gained from the city at the time of demolishing the walls and urbanize the new rounds. Consequently, the grouping of buildings does not respond to any typical characteristic, neither of the old nor the modern neighborhood. It has its own personality. Its own rules, "explains Nicolás Markuerkiaga from the ZAGA study, responsible for reforming a of the houses in the ground floor that in the past was linked to a commercial premises that was used as a grocery store and now houses the new We bistrot.

The 74 square meters of the floor, whose promoter is FHAUS, they are now divided into an entrance with courtesy bathroom, a living room with dining room and integrated kitchen and a bedroom with dressing room and en suite bathroom separated by glass doors that allow the passage of natural light to the room. Although the renovation has adapted the plant to the current life needs, creating a more fluid and functional home, the architects wanted to pay tribute to its centennial history, rescuing some frescoes from the original construction of the walls of the hall or restoring the existing wooden doors. To give dynamism to the environment without leaving sobriety, they have created carpets with hydraulic tiles and parquet arranged in a spike and the walls are covered by moldings that serve as a visual link between the frescoes and the pure white of the other walls.

The HS Decor studio was in charge of the decoration, with which they wanted to "furnish in an elegant, but discreet way and enhance the architectural virtues of the house", having in mind "to create a sophisticated environment for a demanding tenant who values ​​aesthetics besides well-being, "they explain. The materials used in the main space (such as marble, wood or iron doors) are top quality and create a neutral but luxurious base that has been enhanced with furniture with golden touches and velvet upholstery, providing color with the decorative accessories The bedroom has opted for a more masculine and sober aesthetic, with leather chairs, iron and marble bedside tables and bedding in sober tones. The result is a home as luxurious as it is serene.
Photos: Joanna Noguera

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A flat housed in the ground floor of a building built in 1900 has been reborn by the work and grace of the ZAGA and HS Decor studio.

Architecture class

The building was designed and built by Joan Torras, an institution in Spanish Architecture that was a professor, among others, of Antoni Gaudí.

On the way

The building has some peculiarities, such as having exits to the street through its two facades and having an inner courtyard that leaves the central space free, which gives it a passagey appearance.

Split to beat

The house used to be an annex of a commercial premises. now it was segregated and the We Bistrot restaurant has been installed on the premises.

Great capacity

At the entrance a built-in closet has been installed to place the coats, making the most of the space.

Courtesy bathroom

At the entrance, on the left, we find a courtesy bathroom.

Faithful reflex

The mirror covers the wall visually expanding the space.

Open doors

View of the entrance with access to the bathroom and the living room.

Memories from the past

The original wooden doors have been recovered.

Open minded

Several bedrooms were merged to create a space that the living room, dining room and bathroom share.

Living room

Santiago Pons coffee table and Tapi Disseny sofa.

Comfort zone

The gray armchair is from Gajisa and the lamps are from Aromas del Campo.

Show the real face

The original frescoes of the house were recovered and left in sight. The carpet is KP stain resistant.

Light metals

Hanbel auxiliary furniture.

Front view

The dining room and kitchen seen from the living room.

White marble

The dining room table is presented as an extension of the kitchen island.

Golden years

The dining room chairs are from Gajisa

A table set

The decoration of the floor, in charge of HS Decor, seeks to dialogue and emphasize the original architecture.

Minimalist kitchen

The cabinets without handles and smooth are perfectly integrated.

Bedroom access

The bedroom door was also recovered from the original floor.

Well surrounded

Both bedside tables and lamps are from Thai Natura.

Light step

The window above the door allows natural light to enter from the living room.

Singular masculine

The bedroom decoration is more serene and masculine in both colors and materials.

Between cottons

Bedding from Zara Home and Gancedo.

Tribal touch

The bedroom after installing a Juju hat on the headboard.

Well used

A wall has been used to install a built-in closet.

Wooden carpet

The herringbone parquet serves to delimit the area of ​​the bed.

Light and action

As the bedroom has no windows, the doors of the dressing room and the bathroom are glass, allowing natural light to enter.

Dressing room

Dressing room view.


The space available for the dressing room has been maximized.

All in order Work and pleasure

A workspace / dressing table has been created under the window.

To flower of skin

Leather chair by Santiago Pons.


One in the cabinets reflects the light and visually expands the space

Bathroom access

The bathroom door is made of white glass to let the light pass at the same time that privacy is given.

Black and white

In black and white.

Suspended wardrobe

It brings lightness to the whole.

Relaxing bath

A bathtub with straight lines has been installed.

On foot

A work shelf serves as a support next to the bathtub.

Quick shower

The bathroom has, besides bathtub, shower.

Shower access


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