A living room, three areas: living room, chat room and dining room

A living room, three areas: living room, chat room and dining room

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This dining room belongs to the house of our readers, located in Madrid and decorated with love. Its owners wanted to achieve a warm and spacious stay. They opted for white and gray bases, animated with accessories and color textiles.

The lamps are from Foscarini, the mobile on the gathering area, from Flansted. The small green table and the armchairs were purchased at Maison Du Monde. The main furniture is from Moka Interiorismo. Among the furniture there are also pieces such as the sofa, the table or the chairs that are older pieces reupholstered or painted to give them a new air. And everything fits!

Advertising - Keep reading below Living and dining area

The dining room is next to the access door. Being occupies the most spacious and bright area of ​​the room.

Being with two zones: social gathering and sofa

The living area has a corner of chat or reading next to the window, with two seats and a side table, and another space for the sofa and the main furniture.

Varied designs in the living room

The coffee table is a wood design. Here you can see the choice for the main furniture of our readers: a modular composition that offers storage solutions such as book shelves.

A functional and fun corner

Detail of the corner created next to the window with a pair of armchairs and a fun side table, a night table, updated in green mint

Next to the window

A perfect corner to enjoy the views and luminosity when picking up the blank blind that filters the light. On the wall you can see the wallpaper that covers it.

Very personal

Prints and personal photographs decorate the walls and bring color and dynamism to the whole, which is personal and lived.

The design of the furniture, with a module supported on the floor and another flown is light. In addition to the shelves next to the gathering area, the furniture incorporates a showcase.

The detail: the furniture wall is also decorated by a vinyl dandelion.

General view of the lounge from the dining room From the roof ...

The lamps and the mobile that hang from the ceiling create a sensation of movements throughout the plant.

On the dining table

Detail of the lamps on the dining room: transparent bubbles that wrap light bulbs.

The decoration of the dining area

On the dining room wall, the sheets hang from cables from a top rail at different heights. And they bring color to a wall painted in neutral tone!

Decorative details

In a corner of the dining room, a ladder supported by the wall, perfect to have the blankets on hand.

On the dining table, several deco details.

Color notes

On the dining table, in a glass vase, several artificial branches with colored leaves.


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