Decorate a house in 50 square meters

Decorate a house in 50 square meters

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Angelica Heras Advertising - Read on below 1 A touch of color Angelica Heras

The living room bets on white on the walls and furniture. The color note is introduced by Ikea's sofa, with a colorful red cover.

2 A warm environment Angelica Heras

The dining room chairs were upholstered with a white and red cloth that gives these inherited pieces a fresh air. With her, the seat cover of Ikea was made. Tablecloth, Between Yarn and Cotton.

3 Matching dining room Angelica Heras

With the blinds closed, the kitchen is isolated and thus more privacy is achieved in the living room. The white coffee table is from El Globo Muebles; the carpet, by Leroy Merlin. When you close the Japanese panels, the kitchen is hidden. A mirror, from Trades of Yesterday, multiplies space and light.

4 Cooking online Angelica Heras

Small but well used, the kitchen in light tones has Ikea furniture distributed on a single wall. On the opposite, shelves, by Leroy Merlin.

5 Perfectly equipped Angelica Heras

In the kitchen, the tall modules combine glass and white laminate. The worktop is made of light gray laminate. On the other side, in the hall, a Lack table with wheels, by Ikea. The refrigerator has been paneled with doors and handles identical to those of kitchen furniture.

6 Stripes and light tones Angelica Heras

Instead of a headboard, the wall was painted with beige and taupe stripes. The quadrants and the quilt are from El Globo Muebles, as are the poufs that act as a shoe remover. In a glazed corner, a small table, by Moblerone, and lamparita, by El Globo Muebles.

7 Take advantage of the spaces Angelica Heras

When placing the sconces on the wall space is freed on the tables. The beautiful frame, from Better & Best.

8 With work shower Angelica Heras

The floor of the bathroom is at the same level as that of the shower, without any step or plate. Of course, in the shower, the tiles are smaller, with more joints, which makes them less sliding. To lighten and gain space, a glass basin suspended on the wall, with integrated towel rail, was chosen.