Washing avocados before eating them can save your life

Washing avocados before eating them can save your life

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We don't want to provoke an anxiety attack, but From now on you will have to make sure you wash the avocados well before eating them. And you will be wondering: but if the skin does not eat, right? Effectively but the problem lies in the knife you use to cut them.

And recently, A study by the US government agency responsible for food regulation issued a statement warning that a good part of the samples taken for more than 18 months tested positive for listeria and salmonella.

Specifically, 17 percent of 1,615 avocados analyzed, from national and international crops, they had potentially harmful bacteria.

So you know, no matter how hungry you are, before preparing avocado, wash it in condition and dry it with a clean cloth or with paper towels. Remember that this simple act can save your life!

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