A family house on the beach

A family house on the beach

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Wake up with the smell of the sea. Open the window and see the Atlantic. Have breakfast enjoying nature. Stroll through a garden listening to the breaking of the waves while watching sunset. Sit by the fireplace fire. Disconnect ... All this is possible in this house with white wood facade which we visited today in the coastal city of Saint Malo, in French Brittany. Surrounded by a plot of 4,000 square meters, this house is available for rent during the holidays and can accommodate eight people in its two double rooms, two singles and two children.

Everything is designed to make the holiday retreat unforgettable (and nothing traumatic). Two bathrooms and three toilets so that there are no disputes, a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor areas to rest and eat during sunny days and starry nights, warm decoration, with sea airs and neutral tones to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of calm and, even, firewood to light the fire in the fireplace. A place you won't want to return from.

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On the coast of French Brittany we visited this perfect house for a family to spend their vacations.

All in order

Already from the entrance we can perceive that everything has been designed so that a large family is comfortable during their stay.


On the ground floor the wood is the protagonist, getting warm but without obscuring the space thanks to the light tone.

Comfort zone

Three U-shaped sofas delimit the living room area.

Next to the fire

Wood is included in the rental price, to guarantee perfect nights by the fire.


Neutral tones create a calm atmosphere.

To share is to live

The main space is shared by the living room, the dining room (in the picture) and a reading area overlooking the sea.


Although it is a holiday rental house, its decoration has been taken care of in detail.

The great blue

From the dining room you can also enjoy the Atlantic.


Simplicity and marine style reign in the kitchen.

Sailor airs

The light furniture and curtains, a pair of lamps that could well be in a boat, wooden floor ...

The water

As decoration of the hall, an old float.


At times, the wood gives the feeling that we are in a boat.


One of the double bedrooms of the house.


In the bathroom, wood also covers everything.

Relaxing bath

A large bathtub and two sinks. Everything is designed to relax and avoid conflicts of coexistence.

Blue White and red

Another bedroom with a double bed in the house decorated in the colors of France.

Beach days

In another room, the closet reminds us of the old booths to change clothes on the beach.

Travel with children

The children's room has two beds and the possibility of installing a cot.


The last of the rooms has been decorated completely in white, giving prominence to relaxation and views over the sea

Second bathroom

In addition to having two full bathrooms, the house has three toilets.

Reading corner

Yes, there is something better than a corner in which to relax to read ... that overlooks the sea.


Outside, several relaxation areas allow you to enjoy the good weather.

Living room

An outdoor lounge for family gatherings.

Eat out

The outdoor dining room with chairs and wooden table.

The horizon

Views of the garden and the exterior of the house from the dining room.


From the house starts a road that runs along the coast.


Outside, a 4,000 square meter garden surrounds the house.

Pure facade

The house seen from outside.

Get into a garden

The perfect refuge to spend the holidays surrounded by nature and near the sea.