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Susana Haro's personal details

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What is the philosophy of the Panasonic brand?Manufacture products that make people's lives easier.

Would you highlight a special model?I have a hard time choosing one, I love the brand I work for but what really fascinates me are the washing machines.

What characteristic would you review of a product range? The new steam function in washing machines. Thanks to this the clothes come out almost ironed! In addition, it eliminates the mites that are in the garments, so it is great if there is an allergic at home; You can also cool clothes with steam without washing it, something great for clothes that should not be washed, such as American clothes.

Is there a Panasonic product essential for you? Actually many ... I can not imagine my life without a refrigerator, without a washing machine, without an air conditioner, without a television, without a telephone ... They are all essential products for me.

What decorative style defines you? I like comfortable and simple houses. I do not usually mix too many colors and try to create symmetries in spaces, it is a matter of perceptions and it may seem silly, but they bring me balance.

Choose two technological devices that solve your life. Definitely my washing machine, which in addition to the steam function has a 15-minute program without which I would no longer know how to live, and my phone.

Advertising - Keep reading below Susana Haro

WHO: Panasonic advertising coordinator.

HIS WORK: Define some campaigns and coordinate their adaptation from advertising and media plan to the point of sale.

In your handbag you always carry ...

"My mobile phone, my purse, the blusher, the eyeliner and the moisturizing lip balm."

What is your biggest hobby?

"I have a lot of fun drawing and making crafts."

What would you say is your favorite place in the world?

"Any quiet and lost beach of white sand and crystal clear waters. My key to disconnecting is to escape a few days to such a place."

What is your favorite design piece?

"I love the Barcelona chair, by Van der Rohe."