Maintain order in each environment

Maintain order in each environment

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Advertising - Keep reading below Singular cupboard

Taking advantage of the lack of space is easier than it seems; especially in the kitchen, where a good organization of food can be even decorative. The Grundtal vertical storage system favors it. It can be designed according to needs and adjusted to the space available in the kitchen. Here stand out the stainless steel shelves, the bars (4.99 each), their hooks (1.99 / 5 units) or the spice accessory (17.95). The presence of boats, cloths, seedlings and condiments creates a striking set. Everything from Ikea.
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Work furniture

In second homes, where the investment in furniture is lower, work designs are essential and, in many cases, define the informal style of these environments. As a bookstore, dressing room or storage area for household linen or household goods, they fulfill an essential function; Of course, everything is in sight and, therefore, the demand for order is even greater. Choose colorful pieces, which become part of the deoration. Kitchenware, from Ferm Living (from 13.50 each).
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Organize the complements

Bags, necklaces, scarves, hats ... the accessories come with us on vacation, but we don't always have a place for them. The proposal we show here is practical and fun: hang them in the hallway or on a wall in the room. Funny hangers and knobs are the only investment you will have to make. The result is very personal and allows you to have accessories very handy that, otherwise, we forget at the bottom of a drawer.
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Modular systems

Ingenuity is not at odds with the economy. A good example of this is this model, composed of flown shelves and posts that are fixed to floor and ceiling, and that allow an almost custom design. In addition to warehouse space, it fulfills a practical function as an element separating environments. This is the Stolmen model, from Ikea; with posts measuring from 2.10 to 3.30 m (28) and shelves in 110 x 0.38 cm (13).
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Tableware in sight

The kitchens integrated in the living area and with few storage areas are typical of summer houses and apartments. In these spaces it is key to have the appropriate accessories, which allow to maintain order and that facilitate the cleaning tasks every day. The flirty drainer of the photo is the Simplehuman model, from Howards Storage World; incorporates support for bamboo knives, hooks for glasses or cups and mobile drain (from € 49.95).
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Furniture with doors

Some modular systems originally designed to organize clothing can be adapted to store utensils. The most important thing is that their shelves are resistant, so that they are combined, and easy to clean, since they can accumulate dust and grease. The interior of this built-in wardrobe, located next to the dining room, was equipped with the Elfa system, from Howards Storage World, which has many modules, drawers, shelves and adaptable guides that allow a comfortable and almost tailored design.
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Handmade furniture

The second residences usually become the storage room of the family. Varied inheritance and furniture that lived better times fall on them. Do not despair and recycle! If you are a reader of, you will know that almost any piece deserves a second chance. Look what a fantastic idea you can make yourself: it's about using several boxes of wine, joining them, painting them and transforming them into an original bookstore or magazine rack. The result is very curious and, most importantly, functional.
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Removable Accessories

More practical impossible; The classic bar to hang accessories here is transformed into a pantry by means of some bags made of 100% cotton, washable and very resistant, which allow you to store small utensils or the food that you should have on hand when cooking. They are available in two sizes, 16 or 20 cm deep, and belong to the Kitchen Today system, from Brabantia.
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