10 ingenious ideas for storing bicycles in a house

10 ingenious ideas for storing bicycles in a house

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Having a bike is great, but keeping it… is another matter! And is that unless you buy it folding, you will have to think about space solutions… But don't worry, we have done it for you to save your work. Let's go there!

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The opening is perfect to keep the bicycle fixed by the wheel. And when you don't use it ... it will help you to sit down!

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The same applies to storing the bike, to decorate with a small plant ...

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The minimalist solution: two hooks on the wall, and voila!

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In the roof

If you have high ceilings, do as in the photo and take advantage of the space!

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In pairs

An ideal metal support to keep this pair of bikes in place. It looks like the ironing board, don't you think?

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On a shelf

Two functions: hold your bike and save your favorite books (or whatever you want). Bravo!

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At the entrance

The hall is the perfect place to place the bikes, always ready for a getaway!

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Industrial style

In addition to being most useful, this metal support is great with the decoration.

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By colors

With these hooks each family member can choose their favorite color, what do you think of the idea?

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With elegance

A beautiful wooden stand to keep your bike safe from accidents!

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